Lauren Ebbert our Head Cupcake Baker, Decorator and Flavor Mixologist


Lauren Ebbert is our Head Cupcake Baker, Decorator and flavor Mixologist! I am very proud to say she is my oldest daughter. She is 23 years old. I can hardly beleive this.  I remember the day she left for college. It was definately not an easy day. I cried the entire way home. We were both having a pretty hard time with that but with what seems like the blink of an eye she graduated from The University of Dayton with a Degree in Art Education. She came back to Cincinnati where she decided to go for it and see if she liked using her creativity in the bakery.

Lauren has always been interested in food from the time she was little. We have always been a family that spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Lauren loved watching The Food Network shows. I always remember her watching Jaques Torres, The Iron Chef, Food Finds  and lots of other shows.  We all loved them:)

Lauren also took a lot of ceramics classes and did an internship at Funke Fired Arts one summer. This really applies to a lot of her decorating skills. She is very detail oriented! Lauren takes great pride in making sure that everything that is baked here at Cupcake Crazy tastes delicious and looks beautiful. She also has a passion for creating new flavors and that is why we call her the flavor mixologist.  She is always coming up with new creative recipes and calling us into the kitchen to “taste test”. This is one of the perks we have working in a cupcake bakery 🙂

In Lauren’s free time she loves to run. She recently ran The Flying Pig Half Marathon and is now training to run half of The Chicago Marathon coming up on her birthday in September! This is why she stays so thin while baking cupcakes all day!