Sweet Options for Everyone

Sweet Options for Everyone

Sweet Options for Everyone

3 Sweet Girls offers a wide variety of regular desserts, from cookies and cupcakes to brownies and rice krispie treats! What you may not know is that we also have options for just about everyone, including gluten free, vegan and keto desserts!

Read on for everything you need to know, including what options we have, when they are available, and where you can get these delicious treats for yourself.



Why keto?

Keto desserts are the newest line of bakery items that we offer. Because these treats are low-carb and gluten free, they are perfect for not only a keto lifestyle, but also any low-carb, gluten free, sugar free or diabetic diets. 

One of the co-owners of 3 Sweet Girls, Lisa, is a dietitian and certified keto coach. She has been living the keto lifestyle for years.

Lisa understands how hard it is to find delicious keto desserts. As a result, she has worked hard perfecting her recipes to bring us a wide variety of keto desserts that are available in store each day.

When and where?

We have the best selection of keto items available daily at our Kenwood location. However, select keto options are also available at the Over the Rhine (OTR) location.

Special ordering for keto items is not available at this time, but customers are welcome to call to reserve items in advance with a phone payment. Any reserved items may be picked up at the OTR location upon request with at least one days notice.

Keto customers travel from all around the tristate to stock up on our keto desserts. A few popular items include cheesecake in a jar, keto everything bagels, jalapeno cheddar muffins, truffles (similar to a fat bomb), pop tarts, donuts, cookie bars, buckeyes , cupcakes and cake pops.

We post about new items on social media regularly. If you have more questions or would like to hear about our current selection, visit the keto page on our website, submit a website inquiry form or call us at 513-984-1100.

Keto items pictured below (left to right):

Peanut butter and raspberry jelly cups, double chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough buttercream, chocolate chip cookie cheesecake jars and pumpkin cream cheese muffins.



Why vegan?

As a result of our vegan cupcakes and cakes being dairy free, they are a great option for not only vegan customers, but also anyone following a dairy free diet. Upon request, we can also make special orders that are both gluten free and dairy free/vegan.

Whether you need vegan desserts for a birthday party, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or just a sweet pick-me-up, we have options for you. Popular flavors range from Oreo and wedding cake to raspberry vanilla and lemon.

When and where?

Vegan cupcakes are available at both our Kenwood and OTR locations every Friday and Saturday while supplies last. 

Special ordering is available for vegan cupcakes and cakes. For a special order of cupcakes, there is a minimum of 12 regular size cupcakes or 24 mini cupcakes required per flavor.

Custom, special ordered cakes are offered in select designs. Customers frequently order a small vegan cake or an order of vegan cupcakes to accompany a larger wedding or corporate order, giving vegan guests a sweet option as well.

For more information, visit the vegan page on our website, submit a website inquiry form, or give us a call at 513-984-1100.

Vegan items pictured below (left to right):

Oreo, tuxedo, chocolate strawberry, original chocolate, strawberry vanilla, vanilla with chocolate buttercream and original vanilla cupcakes.

Gluten Free

Why gluten free?

We offer a large selection of gluten free items including cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cakes. All of our keto items are also gluten free, which add great variety to our gluten free menu.

Our gluten free desserts are great for customers who are gluten sensitive or follow a gluten free diet. Upon request, we can make cupcakes that are both gluten free and dairy free/vegan.

When and where?

Each Friday and Saturday we have a selection of gluten free cupcakes available in both the Kenwood and OTR location. At times, we have gluten free cake pops in store as well. Both of these items are available while supplies last.

Gluten free cupcakes, cakes and cake pops are offered for special order in nearly any of our cupcake flavors. Cupcakes are available in regular size or mini sizes for special orders, with a minimum of 12 regular size or 24 mini cupcakes per flavor.

Gluten free cake pops are available in orders with a minimum of 12 per flavor and design.

Gluten free cakes can be made in any of our cake designs, making them perfect for birthdays, weddings, showers and corporate events! 

We recommend placing all special orders at least two weeks in advance.

For more information, visit the gluten free page on our website, submit a website inquiry form, or give us a call at 513-984-1100.

Gluten free items pictured below (left to right):

Gluten free double chocolate brownie, cupcakes, naked cake and cake pops.

More Details

While the 3 Sweet Girls Cakery team works hard to limit all contamination, all of our items are made in the same facility and with the same equipment. As a result, we cannot guarantee there is never any cross contamination of ingredients.

We use gluten, sugar, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts and most allergens in our kitchen, so please be mindful if there is an allergy concern.

Have more questions about any of our keto, gluten free, vegan or regular items? Please visit our website, submit a website inquiry form or give us a call at 513-984-1100!