Gotta Love Facebook

Gotta love Facebook! We sure do! If you have not been on our Facebook page please check it out. Since before the days of our store we have been on Facebook as Cupcake Crazy. I have a Facebook page personally but I never use it because I am having  way too much fun interacting with all of you on Cupcake Crazy’s page. One page is enough for me to keep up on:)

It is not possible for us to put all of the fun things we do on our website so we try to make sure each day to post a fun picture of something that is going on in the store that day.  We are VERY visual people and think that the posts are so much more fun when a picture is included. We do post our flavor selection daily on Facebook as well as the website. MANY people come in with a list knowing what flavors they want when they get there.

On Facebook we post some of our upcoming events so that you all have the opportunity to participate in them. One of the most popular things we do on Facebook is our FREE STUFF Friday.  Every Friday we give away a dozen cupcakes or cake pops or something like that. We like to change the giveaways depending on what we have going on. For example, today we gave away a dozen Fourth of July cupcakes to someone!  Be sure and check in on our Facebook page around Wednesday when we post what our FREE STUFF Friday giveaway will be. The only thing you need to do to enter is make a comment on the post. We ask a fun questions and you just respond. We love hearing what you have to say to us.:) We REALLY appreciate when you share our page with your friends as that helps us a lot.

We LOVE to see the activity on our Facebook Page!  It really helps make our jobs so much fun. Everyday we have many of our Facebook fans in the store. Facebook has been such an amazing way for us to grow our business! Thank you so much to everyone who follows our Facebook page! We appreciate your feedback and love to hear your opinions. You guys are AWESOME!