Cupcake Crazy is Obsessed with Cute Cookies

At Cupcake Crazy we have been obsessed with making cute cookies lately! We started Cupcake Crazy 3 years ago making only  cupcakes but we just can’t help adding a little more variety to our store, a little bit at a time. Yes, we are still crazy about cupcakes but is sure is fun to try different things and you all sure seem excited to be able to order a variety of goodies:)  I have included a few photos here but be sure and look at our cookie page to see more variety.  We have a lot of cookies that have not made it onto the website just yet so be sure and ask if there is something you want but do not see. We are usually up for trying something new.  Our most popular cookies are our Cupcake Cookies, without a doubt. We have a hard time keeping them in the store.  Some of our other really popular ones are ice cream cone cookies, baby shower cookies, wedding shower cookies and our summer fun cookies are also pretty popular!  We are working on some super cute cupcake cookie pops in the kitchen as I am writing and I can not wait to show you these.   Saturday we will be making Fourth of July Cookies.

It is always best to order cookies ahead if you want a dozen or more. The great thing about ordering ahead is that you can decide what colors you would like us to use to design them! Most days we have samples of the cookies in our store so if you have not had them be sure and stop in and give them a try.  If we don’t have samples out just ask and we will get you a sample. We are able to add photos and logos to any of our products, including cookies. It can get crazy busy around holiday weekends and right now with graduations and with weddings every weekend I do suggest ordering in advance.

                                 To place an order for cookies call us at 513-984-1100 or email us.