Meet Aaron Ebbert Assistant Baker at Cupcake Crazy

Aaron Ebbert is  the assistant baker at Cupcake Crazy! He has the pleasure of working with his sisters, Lauren and Kristen and is surrounded by women all day at Cupcake Crazy. Not so sure if that is good or bad:)  Aaron is 19 years old and is a student at The University of Cincinnati. He will be a sophomore next year studying Business Entrepreneurship. He wanted a job and his choices were to work with his Dad in the car business or come work with all of us and thankfully he is a part our our team as he sure is a pleasure to have around!  When Aaron was a junior and senior at Anderson High School he took Business classes and did internships with Cupcake Crazy both years so he gained a lot of experience in many aspects of the business. He and his friends, who were also in the class, would run to Sam’s and other places purchasing huge quantities of  sugar and butter and all of the other ingredients we needed. When we  started the business  out of our house we had to go out and purchase everything. Aaron did a lot of deliveries as well.  He always helps getting ready for the Cincinnati Chocolate Festival and got pretty good at cake pops. He and his friend Greg dipped about 3500 of them for our display the first year!

In Aaron’s free time he LOVES tennis. He loves to play and loves to watch matches.  He can’t wait for the ATP Tennis tournament this August in Cincinnati!  Aaron loves to watch movies and play video games, shoot basketball, hang out with friends and waterski!  He also loves animals. He gets very excited when Kristen brings her dog Baxter over to hang out:) Aaron loves to hang out with family and is fun to be around. I surely was blessed when it comes to kids.




Meet Kristen Ebbert: Baker and Head Cake Pop Designer

Meet Kristen Ebbert: Baker and Head Cake Pop Designer! Kristen is one of those really mature  21 year old “kids” that really has it together. She started babysitting when she was about 10 years old and has been a hard worker since those early years. When other kids were out running around she was driven to go after her passions. She volunteered in nursery and preschools and had more jobs than she knew what to do with.  She has lots of experience with children! As a matter of fact she still loves to nanny children on her days off. In her spare time she has always been a baker. That is really what got this whole thing started. We didn’t know what to do with all of the goodies she was making. She was always on Taste Spotting and Pinterest and really all over the internet discovering new ideas !

Kristen started studying Early Childhood education at The University of Cincinnati while living at home. She and I started baking cupcakes a little here and there and all of a sudden we were baking A LOT of cupcakes.  Since Kristen was living at home and going  to UC we had plenty of time to bake.  Kristen then decided she did not want to teach so she switched her major to Communications to be a little more relevant to what she is doing now. Kristen mainly heads up the cake pop production and special designs. She makes gorgeous cake pops! She does know most aspects of the business and really fills in anywhere she  is needed. Between overseeing filling orders and keeping cake pops on the counter everyday that is really a full time job.

Kristen lives in Madeira with Lauren. In her free time she loves reading,cooking and walking her dog Baxter and of course nannying anytime she can. With Kenwood Towne Center just minutes from their home she is known to occasionally sneak into the mall and buy some cool clothes with her hard earned money! I am so proud of her and happy to see her doing things she loves. I wouldn’t be surprised is she comes up with a great recipe for dog biscuits soon to sell in the store. I think they would be a hit!

Gerbera Daisy Cupcake Tower

I just had to share these photos of this gerbera daisy cupcake tower, my favorite order this past weekend or should I say my new favorite order to date! If you know me you probably know that I LOVE gerbera daisys. I am always buying them but never can keep them alive. I do not really have a green thumb. I was so excited when Jake and Ashly from TriHealth came in and asked us to do a daisy themed birthday display for a chic birthday party on the rooftop at 21C downtown! They gave  us the party invitation and gave us the liberty to come up with something fun! It always feels great to be trusted with a project like this. It was especially nice to know that in lieu of birthday gifts donations were being made to Women Helping Women at this event. We love this organization and had just made a nice donation to their Light Up The Night fundraiser which was a great success.

Welcome to Cupcake Crazy Retail Bakery in Cincinnati

Welcome to Cupcake Crazy’s new Blog! For those of you who have not been into our bakery yet we want to give you a glimpse into it. We get a lot of calls asking if  you can come in and purchase without ordering cupcakes, cake pops, cakes and cookies. The answer is definately YES!  We are open Monday through Saturday and we would love for you to stop by!  Each day we have a variety of cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and sometimes cakes in the store. We also have lots of other goodies and very cute gift items as well! We post the flavors of the day on our website and on our facebook page.

We do take MANY orders and highly suggest if you would like something special or need a larger order you call ahead. Everyone asks how far ahead do I have to order and it is often hard to answer that question because at certain times we are extremely busy and other times we can add your order in with a call the day before. My suggestion is always to order as soon as you can. We take orders weeks and months ahead. Fridays and Saturdays are CRAZY busy and our customers love looking around at all of the orders waiting to be picked up. Call us if you have questions about ordering and we will be happy to help you!

When you do place a special order we can easily customize it to your event or occasion! If you know that you would like to have certain colors or need a special message on your order then call us and place it ahead.  Cakes are something that should be ordered ahead. We have been doing A LOT of cakes and are really enjoying the special requests for customization! We LOVE the challenge of coming up with something unique any occasion.

We do deliver to many areas of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We do have minimum orders and their is a delivery charge. We do not deliver less than a dozen cupcakes. We do deliver to many of the areas schools, colleges, hospitals and businesses.  If you have questions about delivery please email or call.

We always have lots of fun projects going on and have window displays in our store with ideas of things we can do and have portfolios of our work and we welcome you to come in to get ideas. You are welcome to stop in anytime and ask questions and place orders. If you can’t make it in we are happy to help you over the phone. We know you are busy so whatever works best for you. Some customers communicate through email. We will be opening our online shopping soon to help many of you place orders quickly so keep watching for that!

If you follow us on Facebook you know that we are obsessed with photos and love sharing them. We will be sharing these on our blog as well as some of you are not on Facebook. If you have not liked us on Facebook please do so that you can see our flavors posted daily and  that your friends can discover us as well. The link is at the top of the page. Be sure and look through our new website and we hope to see you in our store soon!