Meet Kristen Ebbert: Baker and Head Cake Pop Designer

Meet Kristen Ebbert: Baker and Head Cake Pop Designer! Kristen is one of those really mature  21 year old “kids” that really has it together. She started babysitting when she was about 10 years old and has been a hard worker since those early years. When other kids were out running around she was driven to go after her passions. She volunteered in nursery and preschools and had more jobs than she knew what to do with.  She has lots of experience with children! As a matter of fact she still loves to nanny children on her days off. In her spare time she has always been a baker. That is really what got this whole thing started. We didn’t know what to do with all of the goodies she was making. She was always on Taste Spotting and Pinterest and really all over the internet discovering new ideas !

Kristen started studying Early Childhood education at The University of Cincinnati while living at home. She and I started baking cupcakes a little here and there and all of a sudden we were baking A LOT of cupcakes.  Since Kristen was living at home and going  to UC we had plenty of time to bake.  Kristen then decided she did not want to teach so she switched her major to Communications to be a little more relevant to what she is doing now. Kristen mainly heads up the cake pop production and special designs. She makes gorgeous cake pops! She does know most aspects of the business and really fills in anywhere she  is needed. Between overseeing filling orders and keeping cake pops on the counter everyday that is really a full time job.

Kristen lives in Madeira with Lauren. In her free time she loves reading,cooking and walking her dog Baxter and of course nannying anytime she can. With Kenwood Towne Center just minutes from their home she is known to occasionally sneak into the mall and buy some cool clothes with her hard earned money! I am so proud of her and happy to see her doing things she loves. I wouldn’t be surprised is she comes up with a great recipe for dog biscuits soon to sell in the store. I think they would be a hit!