First Birthday Cakes

First Birthday Cakes are a big deal! This milestone birthday calls for something special. We definitely LOVE creating all of the unique designs that our customers ask for.

Most first birthday parties are celebrated with a large cake for the guests and a smash cake for the birthday girl or boy. Guests eat their cake by the slice with a fork and the birthday child gets to eat the smash cake with their hands.  Guests love to watch the child smash the cake and eat it eagerly watching their reaction to what may be their first sweet taste of cake! Guests will often cheer the child on to really smash the cake. This table-manners go out the window as the child’s  face is covered with frosting and cake is everywhere. This is really a lot of fun despite the mess and is a great photo opportunity. The one year rule isn’t hard and fast. If your toddler did not enjoy their 1 year smash cake there is no upward limit. Many people will give it a try again on the 2nd birthday as you can see in the cake for Ella below:)

When planning the big first birthday celebration most parents do have a theme and will have us design a cake around that. It helps a lot to provide us with an invitation to match everything to. We can create the smash cake to match the cake for the guests.  Besides the many pictures that you will take at the actual party many parents like to take the pressure off of themselves and hire a professional photographer for a smash cake session. They will purchase a separate smash cake just for this. One of our favorite photographers is Heather Elizabeth Studios  .   Click here to view more of our children’s birthday cakes if you are looking for ideas!


Cupcake Crazy Makes Custom Cakes

Cupcake Crazy makes custom cakes. We are not only obsessed with creating fun cupcakes we love the challenge of creating a cake for special occasions. Be sure to check out our cake gallery and cake menus to see a larger selection of cakes.  We first started out just making simple 6 inch cake toppers for wedding cupcake towers and before you know it we started making everything from small cakes to 5 tier wedding cakes. we really love creating specialty cakes tell a story about the person the cake is being created for. For example, one of the cakes above was created for an 80th birthday and  the family gave us lots of information about their father and we  created this cake special for them.  We can also make Gluten Free custom cakes in a large variety of flavors.