Meet Aaron Ebbert Assistant Baker at Cupcake Crazy

Aaron Ebbert is  the assistant baker at Cupcake Crazy! He has the pleasure of working with his sisters, Lauren and Kristen and is surrounded by women all day at Cupcake Crazy. Not so sure if that is good or bad:)  Aaron is 19 years old and is a student at The University of Cincinnati. He will be a sophomore next year studying Business Entrepreneurship. He wanted a job and his choices were to work with his Dad in the car business or come work with all of us and thankfully he is a part our our team as he sure is a pleasure to have around!  When Aaron was a junior and senior at Anderson High School he took Business classes and did internships with Cupcake Crazy both years so he gained a lot of experience in many aspects of the business. He and his friends, who were also in the class, would run to Sam’s and other places purchasing huge quantities of  sugar and butter and all of the other ingredients we needed. When we  started the business  out of our house we had to go out and purchase everything. Aaron did a lot of deliveries as well.  He always helps getting ready for the Cincinnati Chocolate Festival and got pretty good at cake pops. He and his friend Greg dipped about 3500 of them for our display the first year!

In Aaron’s free time he LOVES tennis. He loves to play and loves to watch matches.  He can’t wait for the ATP Tennis tournament this August in Cincinnati!  Aaron loves to watch movies and play video games, shoot basketball, hang out with friends and waterski!  He also loves animals. He gets very excited when Kristen brings her dog Baxter over to hang out:) Aaron loves to hang out with family and is fun to be around. I surely was blessed when it comes to kids.