3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

Easter is a big deal in our family. It marks the beginning of warmer weather, brighter colors and a fresh springtime start.

Here are 3 tips for an unforgettable Easter celebration.

Decorate With The Bright Colors Of Spring

After a long, cold winter, the thought of Easter could’t be more exciting. Easter means flowers blooming, birds chirping, warm Spring break, the Easter bunny, and finally Bright Colors!

In the bakery, it means turning a new leaf toward colorful cookie orders full of pretty pinks, blues, yellows, and greens!  We love kicking off the season with vibrant flower designs, Easter bunnies and Robin’s eggs.  It’s a perfect opportunity to bring a splash of color to our storefronts. 

You can liven up your home or office by simply including some spring hues.  Swap out the winter greenery for some fresh spring blooms, wear something brightly colored to perk yourself up, or just leave those neon colored post-it notes out on your desk instead of putting them in the drawer.  Any way you do it, color is fun.

Add some spring to your Easter brunch or dinner with custom colorful cookies! Check out some of our designs Here or bring us ideas of your own.


Friends, Family & Fresh Seasonal Food

Celebrating Easter means getting together with friends, family and food. Maybe you’re planning a special holiday meal, your first neighborhood gathering of the year, or you’re just ready to finally fire up the grill.  Whatever the occasion, community meals are great. 

Spring is the perfect time to trade in those frozen veggies from winter for fresh, in-season produce.  Look for tender Asparagus, leafy Arugula, and early Green Beans from down South.  You can also find some of the first fresh herbs of the year like chives and mint.  Try serving peas with some minced chives or adding a little mint to your favorite fruit salad for a tasty and colorful dish.

Regardless of what you serve, all great meals end in dessert!  Easter cakes and cupcakes always make for a special ending.  And they’re fantastic centerpieces for your table.  Try our springtime flavors like lemon raspberry, carrot cake, white chocolate blueberry and coconut chocolate chip.

You can get custom cakes and cupcakes for any party theme or design including bunnies, lambs, Easter baskets, and all kinds of flowers.  Check out our gallery for some fresh ideas.

Try A Creative Easter Egg Hunt

From Easter egg hunts to Easter baskets, there are so many opportunities to treat the kids with sweets.  In our family, it’s a tradition to hide easter baskets around the house and then turn the kids loose to search for them.  You might fill Easter eggs with treats and hunt for them outside. 

Here’s a creative idea.  Why not turn your Easter egg hunt into a scavenger hunt?  You could fill plastic eggs with clues and have your kids work in teams.  Each clue would bring them closer to finding their Easter baskets filled with goodies.

Regardless of how you celebrate, everyone loves baskets stuffed with cake pops, cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels and Oreos!  Stop into one of our two locations for some more ideas that will make this year one to remember.

Spring Hours are in Full Swing

OTR Is Open
Tuesday-Saturday from 12-5 pm.

Kenwood Store is open
Monday-Friday 10:30am-6:30pm & Saturdays from 9am-4pm.

Place Orders Now using our Online Order Form!


3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

Cakes Ready To Go

Cakes Ready To Go

Remember that time you forgot to order the birthday cake?!  Or when you found out you were in charge of the cake–the day of the party?!  Well, next time you feature in one of these festive faux pas, we’ve got you covered!

Announcing: Cakes Ready To Go!

Every week, we have a limited number of these little beauties in each store, pre-made for you and decorated for any occasion.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cakes for all Occasions

Cakes Ready To Go come in a variety of designs that vary from week to week. This includes everything from sprinkle cakes and drip cakes to simple textured buttercream designs.

Since they are pre-made, you’re able to score some scrumptiousness on the spot.  Choose from what we have available when you stop in or call ahead to see what’s bakin’.  They’re first-come, first-served, so the earlier you are–the better your selection.  You may even find seasonal and holiday-specific cakes available!

Cakes Ready To Go come in 4″ or 6″ sizes, serving 6-12 people.  Combine a smaller cake with a selection of cupcakes, cake pops, cookies or chocolate-dipped pretzels and Oreos to create a dessert table that serves even more people.

Impress your guests when you can’t plan ahead.

A Variety of Delicious Flavors

We are kicking things off with some of our top-selling flavors including Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Oreo, Red Velvet and White Chocolate Raspberry.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • A chocolate peanut butter drip cake topped with crushed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Oreo ganache drip cake with Oreo cream cheese frosting and crushed Oreos
  • A blend of white chocolate and raspberries with a splash of rainbow sprinkles on the outside
  • Chocolate and vanilla birthday cakes with bright, colorful sprinkle mixes
  • Smooth vanilla buttercream with rosettes and gold splatter

The options are endless!


Both Locations

You’ll find Cakes Ready To Go at both our Montgomery Road and OTR locations.  All the baking happens at the Montgomery Road store, but you can have any cake or order sent to the OTR store for pickup!

Special Orders

Customize the colors, writing, and decorations on your cake by placing a special order in advance.

However, if you need a larger cake or know that you need a cake for a specific date, be sure to give us a call.  Handling things person to person eliminates miscommunication and ensures that you get exactly what you need.

Stop into the store, call to reserve a cake for pickup later, or place a special order in advance.  With so many options, how can you lose?

Call 513-984-1100 or come by to check out our current selection before they all fly out the door!

Have questions we didn’t answer?!

Use the contact form on our website to ask whatever you like.  It’s always great to hear from you!

3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

5 Reasons to Checkout Our OTR Location

5 Reasons to Checkout Our OTR Location

Our Over the Rhine location may be smaller, but it’s just as sweet. If you haven’t checked it out yet (or even if you have!) here are a few reasons you’ll want to visit!

1. Walk In Treats are the Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Located in Over the Rhine, this location is convenient for anyone downtown or traveling from Northern Kentucky or surrounding areas.

Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up, last minute birthday cupcakes for a co-worker or dessert for a dinner party, we’ve got you covered.

With a selection of cake pops, cupcakes, cookies and chocolate dipped pretzels and oreos, chocolate peanut butter graham crackers, brownies and chocolate chip cookies, there’s something to satisfy any sweet tooth. Cake pops are especially popular in OTR because they’re convenient and easy to grab on the go.


2. All of the Special Ordering Possibilities

You can place any special custom order for pickup at either location. The OTR location doesn’t have a kitchen, which means we make everything at the Montgomery Road location, but we can have your order ready for you in OTR anytime during the store’s business hours.

This location is in downtown Cincinnati and just across the river from Northern Kentucky. It’s easy to access from the highway and has street parking right in front.  And don’t forget, we also offer local delivery in the area for extra convenience!

We can customize any of our products for any event, theme or occasion. We specialize in wedding events, baby showers, birthdays, corporate logo items, baptisms, anniversaries, and of course, seasonal holidays. 

3. Nearby Downtown Businesses

We can create logo cupcakes, cake pops and cookies to represent your brand.

A few businesses we have collaborated with are Cincinnati Magazine, Kroger, Empower Media Marketing, Flying Pig Marathon, Patty Brisben Foundation and Macy’s as well as University of Cincinnati and many local hospitals.

From birthday treats for co-workers to corporate meeting favors, we have ideas that will make any work event special.

4. Wedding Orders

We are located near so many of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s most beautiful wedding venues. We love delivering and setting up dessert tables.

A few of the venues that we work with frequently are the Monastery, The Madison Event Center, New Riff Distillery, the Trancept, the Pheonix, Rhinegeist Brewery, Backstage Event Center and Hotel Covington

You can stop into our OTR location to buy individual items to sample and checkout our displays. We also offer wedding tasting appointments at our Montgomery Road location. 

5. Spring Hours Kicking Off Next Week

Although spring might not be here quite yet, we’re ready to kickoff our Spring schedule in OTR!

Beginning Valentine’s week, we will be open Wednesday 12-5pm, Thursday (Valentine’s Day!) 10am-5pm, and both Friday and Saturday from 12-5pm. 

Then, beginning February 19th, we will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-5pm. 

We usually take a Winter Break at the OTR location and have been opened weekends only for the past few months. We appreciate your patience as we adjust our schedule while we learn what hours work best!

We love being a part of the OTR community and hope to see you in the store soon!


3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Over the Rhine Location

29 East 12th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


Tues-Sat: 12-5 PM | Sun and Mon : Closed

4 Ideas For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

4 Ideas For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

4 Ideas For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is always a challenge.  You want to give something original, but you also want to make sure it’s a hit.  You need a gift that’s classy, but fun.  Something thoughtful, but not too heavy.  You’re in luck, we’ve got just the thing.

Saying, “I Love You,” is sweet.  Saying it with Cookies, Cupcakes, or Cake Pops is even better!  The best Valentines are the kind you can eat.  They’re tasty and tasteful.  So here are some ideas to make this year’s perfect Valentine’s Day gift the best ever.

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Kit | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Valentine's Day Brownie Sampler | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

1. Plan Ahead

The look of panic is unmistakable.  It’s written all over your face.  You forgot all about Valentine’s Day and you got to have a gift right now!  We see it every year and, although we’ll always be here for you in those last minute crises, why not make this the year to plan ahead?  (We’ll even help you with a Special Deal.  Click Here to check it out.)

Make a list of all the things your special someone loves most.  Here are some suggestions to get you started: Favorite Food, Favorite Movie, Favorite Music, Favorite Book, Favorite Animal, Favorite Sports Team, Favorite Hobby.

Now use a line from the movie, some words from the song, or a favorite memory that you share from that time you did that thing together.  Share it with us and we can use it to customize your special treats.  This could really pay off.

Think about it, your Valentine gets a perfect treat AND you have a stress free day.


2. Order In Advance

OK, so you know just what you want to say–great!  Now, you need to get your plan in motion.  The best way to ensure that you get exactly what you want, is to place a gift order in advance. It’s never too early to place an order, so head to our Order Form to send us your ideas!

We offer customized cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and brownies as well as chocolate dipped pretzels and Oreos. You can order a variety of these items in a matching theme, select custom writing to personalize it, or just leave it up to us to surprise you with a gift package.

Regardless of what you order, the most important thing is to place your order.  Remember, we’re going for stress-free gift giving this year.


Valentine's Day Dessert Charcuterie | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Valentine's Day Cookie Cake | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Valentine's Day Cookies | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

3. Request Delivery

Alright, now that you’re going to order that awesome surprise in advance, why not have it delivered?  Delivery is great, because you get cool gift points and impress the friends/co-workers points.  The only thing that makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift more perfect is having it sit on the desk all day, so that everyone who sees it says how cool it is.

Besides, ordering in advance with delivery ensures that you won’t forget.  And we know how busy life is.  Who couldn’t use a little forgetfulness insurance?

We use a courier service who will deliver treats just about anywhere. We can deliver locally to homes, offices, schools, hospitals and just about anywhere you need in Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky!


4. Stop in on Valentine’s Day

Finally, if you just aren’t a plan-ahead kind of person you can still just stop into one of our two local locations on Valentine’s Day.  We’ll have a selection of freshly-baked goodies for you “spontaneous” types.

All walk-in items are first-come first-served, so we suggest coming in as early as you can for the best selection.  Believe it or not, you won’t be the only one looking for that last-minute score on the big day.

Call in to reserve items from the store by paying for them in advance. We’ll set them aside and have them ready for pickup when you get there!

Check out our website for more perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas and photo galleries. You can always submit your ideas to us under the Order Now tab or give us a call at (513) 984-1100.

Some More Gift Ideas

A Dozen Rosette Cupcakes

As pretty as flowers, but edible and delicious!

Customized cookies

The design options are endless and we can make your vision come to life. Let us know what you have in mind! From conversation hearts to intricate floral designs, we can do it all.

A Valentine’s Day cake

Send a cake to your Valentine at work so that they can share with coworkers (or choose to keep it all to themselves…!).

A Cake Pop Bouquet

Send a “bouquet” arrangement of cake pops! We’ll have a variety of flavors with Valentine’s decor for you to choose from.

3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

Decorated Cookies for all Occasions 

Decorated Cookies for all Occasions 

Decorated cookies are perfect for all occasions! Not only are cookies delicious, they are also beautiful, customizable and can be made for any and every celebration. 

We use our favorite butter cookie recipe paired with vanilla royal icing. We have the flexibility to mix colors, customize shapes and add personalized details to match any party’s theme or decorations. 

There’s an exciting challenge to coming up with a new design! Let’s checkout a few of the most popular orders we’ve decorated.

1. Children’s Cookies 

Children’s party themes range from superheroes and princesses to favorite animals and color palettes. We love looking at your inspiration to come up with new designs that will make your child’s birthday that much more special!


2. Corporate Cookies 

Corporate cookies are a memorable take away favor from a conference, gift for employees, or dessert for a corporate party. Not only are they eye catching, but they’re a perfect snack mid-meeting that definitely won’t be forgotten.

In addition, you can add a sticker, tag or ribbon specific to your business to really follow through with your branding. Why give away a logo pen or notepad, when you could handout a delicious cookie instead?!

Sometimes the company logo is printed out and added to a cookie. Other times, the focus can be on the company’s colors or even a special product or service that the company provides.

We’ve made everything from teeth with braces cookies for an orthodontist to construction hats for a building company. 


2. Holiday Cookies

No matter the holiday, we can personalize your party or get together and make it unique with cookies. Holidays we have made cookies for include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Hanukkah, and so many more. 

The design options are endless and anything can be made just for you! 

Decorating kits are an easy way to get children involved and decorate to their heart’s content. We will provide you with everything you need to get the decorating party started!

4. Sports & Graduation 

Sports cookies are a game day must, from Super Bowl Sunday to wedding favors featuring your alma mater. Imagine golf cookies for a dad who loves to play, baseball cookies for a team victory or even gymnasts for after a big meet. 

Graduation cookies are often centered around the graduate’s name, school colors and sometimes even their speciality or major.

4. Wedding & Special Occasion Cookies 

Weddings are one of the most popular occasions for cookies. Beyond the big day, engagement party cookies, wedding shower dessert table cookies, or bachelorette cookies for the bride to be are a special touch. 

Baby shower cookies focus on any of a variety of fun themes, from “Taco ’bout a Baby” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to woodland animals and nature. 

Baptism and christenings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and, of course, birthdays, are all opportunities to design cookies that guests will rave about!

Check out our website for more information and photo galleries. You can always submit your ideas to us under the Order Now tab or give us a call at 513-984-1100. We’d love to chat!

3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

Children’s Custom Birthday Cakes

Children’s Custom Birthday Cakes

Children deserve custom birthday cakes made just for them! Custom birthday cakes have literally endless options for themes, designs and flavors! We love when children sketch out their own dream cake and we get to make it a reality!

Let’s talk about a few of our favorite cakes we’ve made and themes that can bring a smile to your child’s face. Whether you plan to make a cake yourself or want a little help from 3 Sweet Girls, here are some popular themes to get the ideas flowing!

1. Food Cakes 

We have a blast making cakes that look like food! There a challenge to making your favorite food look real but also taste like something completely different. Imagine, an Oreo Cheesecake flavored Skyline Coney?! Yes, that’s exactly what you’re seeing below! 

Cakes can be covered in candy, sculpted into your favorite food (Taco cake, anyone?!), or modeled after your favorite restaurant’s specialty. What’s your favorite food?! Think how awesome would it be to have it made into a cake! 

Food themed cakes aren’t just for children’s birthdays, they’re perfect for adult birthdays, groom’s cakes and company parties too!


2. Animals 

Animal themed birthday cakes are always a hit for children’s birthdays year round. They can be based on a character, a favorite animal or a family pet.

Sometimes the cake itself is made to look like an animal face and other times there will be three-dimensional sculpted fondant animals on top. From 2d to 3d, there is so much room to customize and make this your own.

A few of the most popular have been unicorns, foxes and woodland animals, and Fiona the hippo!


2. Special Interests

Every child is unique, so their birthday cake should be too! No matter, what your child is interested in, that can be incorporated into a special design. The opportunity to see a child’s face light up when their favorite things appear on their birthday cake is one of our favorite parts of the job!

Video games, emojis, chemistry, sports, tools, pirates.. the list goes on! Some cakes focus on one specific theme while others combine many different ideas into one. 

4. Movies, Books & TV Shows

Another top theme is favorite movies, books and television shows. These can be anything from nursery rhymes and classic children’s books, to superheroes and Disney princesses. We create custom scenery and backgrounds that make characters come to life! 

4. Drool-worthy Flavors

Sometimes, kids (or grownups!) just want a cake that tastes like their favorite candy bar! From M&Ms and Reese’s peanut butter to Oreo cookies and Heath Bars, any candy or cookie can be a moist and delicious cake flavor. 

The beauty of so many flavor options is that you can pick any of our cupcake or cake pop flavors to be made into a cake! No matter the decorations, the inside can be the birthday boy or girl’s favorite!

All of our cakes are three layers of cake with two layers of homemade buttercream or cream cheese frosting sandwiched between them. We also have options for jelly fillings and chocolate ganache!

Hopefully, you are  inspired to plan your child’s next birthday cake! We are always happy to help out with ideas and would love to talk to you about a future order.

Check out our website for more information and photo galleries. You can always submit your ideas to us under the Order Now tab or give us a call at 513-984-1100. We’d love to chat!

Calling 2019 Brides & Grooms

Calling 2019 Brides & Grooms

Calling all 2019 Brides & Grooms

The holidays are officially behind us and now it’s time for all things wedding! January kicks off our season of bridal shows, wedding tastings, and our annual wedding open house. 

Wedding dates can book up quickly, so here’s everything you need to know about where we’ll be, how to find samples, setting up a wedding tasting and saving your wedding dessert date!

1. Wendy’s Bridal Show 

Wendy’s Bridal Show is an awesome place for couples to find many of the area’s wedding vendors in one place. It’s held annually at Duke Energy Convention Center and this year it falls on the first weekend of January.

We will be there Saturday the 5th from 10am-5pm and Sunday the 6th from 11am-5pm. From venues and florists to pre-wedding workouts and favors, there’s a little bit of everything you need.

We will be bringing new wedding cake designs to display, portfolios for you to check out, and of course samples of our cake, cupcakes, cake pops and cookies. This show will not only help couples get an idea of vendors they want to consider but also provides an opportunity to ask questions and even book vendors on the spot!


2. Wedding Open House 

January 19th is our Annual Wedding Open House at our Montgomery location! If you’re planning a 2019-2020 wedding, we’d love to welcome you into our bakery to see what we are all about.

We have lots of display wedding cakes, portfolios of our work and individual items you can purchase and try. We will also have free samples of cupcakes, cake pops and cookies in a variety of popular wedding flavors and designs.  

At the open house, you can ask questions, show us your ideas, sign up for an individual wedding tasting and enter to win gift cards and free wedding desserts!

If you’re interested in attending, check out our Facebook event page to RSVP. It’ll help us make sure we have plenty of samples for everyone! The Open House is Saturday January 19th from 11am-2pm. 

3. Scheduling a Wedding Tasting

If you’re not able to make it to our Open House or are ready to talk more details about your wedding desserts, you can set up a wedding tasting with us! Tastings are typically about 45 minutes to an hour and always at our Kenwood location, on Montgomery Road.

We schedule tastings on week days and Saturday with availability varying week to week. We book up quickly for Saturday tastings once January rolls around, so we would encourage you to call early! 

At a tasting, couples sample from our daily menu of cupcakes and cake pops. All of our recipes and flavors are the same for cupcakes, cake pops and more traditional cakes, so this allows us to offer the maximum amount of flavors per day! Tastings are $30 for up to four attendees and everyone will get to sample the flavors.

We love meeting with brides and grooms to talk about their wedding dessert dreams and make them come to life.

We offer tons of variety and customization for weddings. Whether a couple is envisioning a more traditional cake, a cupcake tower, or a dessert table with any combination of a cake, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, brownie bites and chocolate dipped pretzels or Oreos, we can make it happen!

We also offer dessert options for bridal showers and bachelorette parties desserts, wedding favors and groom’s cakes!

For smaller events, some couples opt to come in and purchase a few individual items as opposed to doing a more formal tasting. This still allows for sampling our products and we have staff available to answer your questions in the store. If you are unsure which option is best for you, give us a call and we’re always happy to point you in the right direction!

4. The Booking Process

When you choose to book your wedding with us, you will make a $75 deposit to hold your date and delivery spot. This goes toward your final balance and then you then have until 30 days prior to your wedding to finalize all of your details, decorations, flavors and numbers.

Some dates are booked up early in the year and others have availability much later, but all are first come, first served. Typically couples will put down the deposit earlier in the year and then we get together to talk final details later!

Being a part of a couple’s special day is such an honor and we don’t take the responsibility lightly. We take pride in creating beautiful wedding dessert displays and getting to know couples year after year! 

The “Order Now” tab will lead you to a contact for where you can send us your inspiration photos and information. We can then contact you with more information, options and pricing. You can also give us a call at 513-984-1100 or email us at 3sweetgirlscakery@gmail.com anytime! 

We wish you the best with wedding planning and hope to talk to you about your dessert ideas soon!

3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

‘Tis the Season.. for sweets!

‘Tis the Season.. for sweets!

Many of my favorite Christmas memories are centered around food- specifically sweets! In our family, we spend lots of time cooking together, enjoying meals with visitors from out of town, and of course, focusing on dessert! We don’t need much of an excuse to make dessert for any and every occasion. Here’s how I’m kicking off the holidays with sweets. These are DIY options, but if you prefer to eat sweets more than make them, you know we’re always happy to help!

1. Peppermint Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

The first dessert I made at home this season was these peppermint brownie ice cream sandwiches. Choose and prepare your favorite brownie recipe (you can even use a boxed mix if you’d like!), then freeze it in two large pieces. I baked the brownies on a large baking sheet and then cut it in half. Once its firm, spread peppermint stick ice cream over one half and sandwich them together. Return to the freezer until the ice cream has set and then trim the edges and cut into individual sandwiches.

The trick: Make sure to freeze in between each step to make sure they come out with nice, clean edges. Even if you don’t, they’ll taste delicious, but freezing helps them look pretty! Melt dark chocolate to drizzle and sprinkle with crushed peppermint for the finishing touches. These have so much versatility and van be made in ANY flavor- caramel, peanut butter, death by chocolate…. it’s a challenge to find a flavor that doesn’t pair well with brownies! 


2. Hot Cocoa Bar

Get friends or relatives together for a hot cocoa bar! Usually I will whip up a batch of hot cocoa from scratch and then provide a variety of toppings or flavorings for everyone to choose from. This is great because it’s fun for all ages. Just like with the brownies, so many great options pair with chocolate. I’m thinking caramel, peanut butter, crushed peppermint, and of course, marshmallows with whipped cream. To kick it up a notch, add Lucky Charms marshmallows for the kids and Bailey’s and/or Kailua liquor for the adults!

3. Cookie Party

Cookies are one of the most popular desserts of the holiday season. This year, I’ll be making dark chocolate gingerbread cookies, eggnog melt away cookies, peppermint Oreo fudge and buckeyes. Although buckeyes and fudge aren’t technically cookies, they’re so much fun to make and great recipes to make with the family because kids can jump in with you. 

4. North Pole Smoothies

One of the easiest and longest standing dessert traditions in our family is the “North Pole Smoothie”. Only two ingredients needed!  1. Your favorite vanilla ice cream and 2. sweetened frozen strawberries in syrup. You’ll thaw and puree the strawberries, then layer in a glass alternating with softened vanilla ice cream. If you want to get fancy, add crushed peppermint candies to the rim of the glass! The idea is to mimic the red and white stripes of the north pole. 

3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

4 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market

Reasons You Can’t Miss the Cincinnati Holiday Market

We are the official bakery sponsor of the Cincinnati Holiday Market! Why is this event so special to us?! It marks the beginning of the holiday season, landing just weeks before Thanksgiving! We’ll be checking out all of the vendors and shopping ourselves! Here are a few reasons you won’t want to miss out on this event!

1. It’s a One Stop Shop for the Holidays

We love the Holiday Market because it gathers a unique collection of vendors with products that you can’t find just anywhere! This makes it a breeze to find gifts for anyone in your life and see everything in one easy stop.

Since the market takes place right before Thanksgiving, it’ll introduce you to new businesses and give you ideas for creative gifts so that you can get your shopping list checked off in plenty of time for Christmas.

From gourmet foods to specialty boutiques to gifts for your pets, it’s the perfect place to buy, get ideas for presents, and treat yourself to a little something!

2. Unique Vendors

The market is a great opportunity to see vendors that may be new to you and offer specialty products that you won’t see elsewhere! Last year I found incredible gourmet marshmallows, Cincinnati and Ohio themed home decor, beautiful handmade jewelry and the cutest dog hoodies.

There are smaller gifts available that are perfect for Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchanges, like mini spa kits, small batch candles, and custom t-shirts. No matter who you are shopping for, there are options for you

3. Wine Down

This isn’t just a chance to shop, the Holiday Market is a great opportunity to get friends together and “Wine Down.” The show has an awesome wine and appetizer lounge for you to hit up when you need a break. Grab a glass of wine and catch up before the busy holiday season is in fill swing. There are plenty of other food vendors available as well.

4. 3 Sweet Girls Cakery is the Bakery Sponsor

What do we bring to the table?! Sweet treats, of course! We’ll have a wide variety of decorated cookies, brownies, cake pops, chocolate dipped pretzels and Oreos, and cake push ups made just for the Holiday Market. We’ll have treats for the fall and winter seasons, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Whether your plan to buy at the market or just want idea for holiday party desserts, we’ll have you covered! We always bring ideas and information about special ordering desserts for any gathering including corporate and personal holiday parties, birthday parties, showers and any other event you could imagine planning!

Check out our website to get a head start on ideas as you look through creations we have made in the past or fill out our order form to let us know what you’re looking for!

This year’s event is November 2nd to 4th at the Duke Energy Convention Center. We will be there Friday 11am to 7pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, and Sunday from 9am-5pm! We can’t wait to see you there!

3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

4 Ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween

4 Ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween

Whether you spend Halloween trick-or-treating, dressed up for a costume party or passing out candy from home, here are 4 ways to make Halloween a blast!

1. Have a “Pumpkin Party”

Get friends together for dinner. The catch: Make it pot-luck style and have everyone embrace pumpkin season by bringing a dish to share made with pumpkin! From pumpkin chili and pumpkin pasta to pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin hot chocolate, everyone will be challenged to find a new recipe. It’s a blast to see what they come up with! Maybe even make it a contest and have guests vote for best recipe?! If you really want to keep the pumpkin theme going, have everyone bring a pumpkin to carve!

2. Make it a Neighborhood Celebration 

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get together for a block party! Have neighbors meet on a driveway or area where everyone is welcome. Make Halloween themed foods, hand out candy together and make a fun themed cocktail for the adults! What a great way to meet neighbors you haven’t had a chance to meet yet and catch up with friends. Kids (and adults?!) can dress up and play games. The options are endless!

3. Have a Halloween Cake Pop Party

Friends of all ages will love getting together to make festive Halloween cake pops. What’s the beauty in making cake pops for Halloween specifically?! There’s no pressure to be perfect, because they’re supposed to be a little spooky looking. Pumpkins, Frankensteins, eye balls, oh my! There are endless designs you can create and no two pops need to look alike! Bake a tray of cake, provide buttercream and candy toppings to mix in and let everyone go crazy!

4. Order Some 3 Sweet Girls Treats 

If you don’t want to make the treats yourself, we’re always here to help! We love creating new designs for Halloween cakes, cake pops, cookies and cupcakes. We can make custom orders for your Halloween party, treats for your trick-or-treaters, or you can stop in for last minute cupcake to treat yourself! Check out our Halloween galleries for more ideas!

5 Reasons the Queen Bee Half Marathon is my Favorite Cincinnati Race

5 Reasons the Queen Bee Half Marathon is my Favorite Cincinnati Race

5 Reasons the Queen Bee Half Marathon is my Favorite Cincinnati Race

This race is a blast! Whether you are running, walking or doing a combination of the two (Yes, I’ve tried all three options and can vouch for them all) the Queen Bee Half Marathon is my favorite race in the Queen City. Here’s why.

1. Female Focused

The Queen Bee Half Marathon is a race that celebrates women right here in Cincinnati! There is also a 4 miler option if you’re in search of a shorter distance. These are more than just fun races! The Queen Bee Half Marathon promotes fitness, is geared toward women (although men can participate too!) and supports incredible local women’s charities, donating over $200,000 to them in the past!

2. Bee-U-Tique Expo

The Bee-U-Tique Expo at Duke Energy Convention Center is on Friday October 12 from 11am to 8pm.

While you stop by to pickup your race packet, check out the awesome vendors and leave feeling pampered with all your race swag. There’s even a Queen Bee fashion display at the Expo that you won’t want to miss!

3. Cheering Sections

The incredible cheering sections along the race course make the race memorable (and views of Cincinnati are great too)! There are entertainment zones and viewing areas throughout the race that make it feel like a party!

I’ve been handed everything from Swedish Fish and Hershey’s Kisses to orange slices and donut holes by excited cheering sections there to keep spirits and energy up along the course.

4. When you Cross the Finish Line….

Last year, I was handed a bottle of wine for completing the race and finishers under the age of 21 received a freshly baked 3 Sweet Girls cupcake! How much better can it get?! Finishers gifts may vary year to year but they never disappoint!

The Queen Bee Half Marathon definitely does it right!

5. After Party

The Michelob Ultra Victory Party is a perfect way to celebrate the morning post race with food, drinks and lots of good company! This year First Watch is providing breakfast complete with orange juice for mimosas, Kroger provides sunflowers, and there are tons of other awesome sponsors, vendors, and surprises! 

3 Sweet Girls

How does 3 Sweet Girls Cakery fit into the Queen Bee Half Marathon? We are the official Bakery sponsor of course!

We will also be at the Bee-U-Tique Expo at the Duke Energy Convention Center on Friday October 12th from 11am to 8pm where you can find vendors, samples, and of course our booth with a full selection of Queen Bee treats!  We’re making Queen Bee cookies, cake pops, brownies, chocolate-dipped pretzels and Oreos!

Whether you’re running, walking or just tagging along for the expo, stop by for a sweet treat. You deserve it!

3 Tips For An Easter To Remember

Make Your Baby Shower Unique

Make Your Baby Shower Unique

1. Choose the Type of Party

Baby showers have been a special way to celebrate expecting parents and the new addition to the family for a long time, but here are a few ways to freshen up your baby shower and make it unique!

Couple’s Shower

A couple’s shower means that the dad-to-be gets to be involved too! Invite kids for a more casual event. Including everyone opens up options for group games and gift options!

A Baby Brunch

What’s better than mom-osas and breakfast foods with friends or family!?

A Sprinkle

A sprinkle is held for parents who already have one or more children. It’s a way to celebrate the mom-to-be with a get together, but not necessarily the expectations and gifts of a typical shower. Since parents often have much of what they need for the baby already, this is a way to sprinkle them with love before baby number two (or more) arrives!

A Sip & See

A sip and see is held after the baby arrives! It’s a way for friends and family to stop by to enjoy a drink and meet the baby! Everyone comes during a set time period to make it easy on the new parents. Create a sign up to have friends and family provide the family with meals or extra help!

Long Distance Shower

A long distance shower can be held in many ways, but here’s my favorite! Pick a specific day or week to have everyone send a note of encouragement or gift to the parents-to-be. What’s better than getting mail that’s personalized and special?! The new parents will be surprised when they open the mailbox and see that they have been “showered” with so many little notes and gifts.

Gender Reveal 

Gender reveals are a reason to celebrate with friends and family while finding out the gender of your baby. There are an endless number of ways to announce the gender, from gender reveal cakes and cupcakes to popping balloons filled with pink or blue confetti.

2. Pick a Personalized Theme

Baby shower themes have become much less traditional and more focused on the parents-to-be! Pastel “baby colors” are much less common than they were years ago. Fun, personalized themes are in! These days, it seems that any party theme can be used for a baby shower, which opens up the options for food, desserts, games and favors. Here are a few popular themes that we’ve seen for baby showers recently:


A great way to create a casual atmosphere and very fitting for a couple’s shower theme as well. You can serve BBQ or make it a cookout with festive drinks and games!


“Taco ‘bout a Baby” Fiesta

Fiestas are a great time for tacos and margaritas as well as bright, colorful decorations.



Simple rustic styles with woodland animals, plaid and tree stumps have been popular themes for the past year or so. It’s a theme that can work for a baby boy, girl or a surprise which makes it very versatile.

How Can 3 Sweet Girls Help?!

For my own baby showers, we chose to have a “Taco ‘bout a Baby” Fiesta ladies lunch and a couples Baby-Q! I’ve included photos of some dessert ideas that we came up with! No matter your theme, we would love to help you with ideas for your baby shower cake, cupcakes, cake pops or dessert table!