Our Policies


Every business has policies to protect the customer experience.  We do too.  These are some guidelines that we’ve developed over the years to ensure top quality products and customer service.  Please read these before ordering as they may affect the decisions you make.




We create designs inspired by ideas that you have, but please do not ask us to do an exact copy of someone else’s work. We have many designs of our own available to you in our galleries and can also create designs similar to the ideas you show us. Every item we make is hand made so no two items will be identical.


Color Matching


If you want a very specific color to be matched on your order, we ask that you provide a color swatch for us to use. A physical color swatch brought to the store allows for the closest match. You can also email swatches, but keep in mind they may vary slightly based on computer screen or printer.


Location of Pickup


When we take an order we always confirm the location for pickup. It is your responsibility to know the hours and be there before we close. We often have off site events and deliveries after closing, so all orders must be picked up during business hours. If you do not arrive before closing, your order will be available at the location planned on the next business day that location is open. If you do not pick up your order a refund is not an option. We have spent time making the order just for you!




With the exception of wedding orders, we use a courier service for deliveries.  Our courier will deliver to the address provided. If no one is at the address to receive the order, the delivery person will call the number provided to inform them that we are there to deliver. Unless instructed otherwise, the delivery will be left at the home or business address. Because of the busy delivery schedule, we are not able to take the delivery out more than once. It is your responsibility to let the recipient know that the package will be arriving that day. To learn more about delivery see our delivery page!




No order may be canceled for any reason within 2 weeks of pick up. Any cake or item with sculpted items may not be canceled within 3 weeks of pick up. Our designers plan ahead and often begin working on sculpted design elements and fondant pieces in advance. At times we order in specific supplies for your cake. Please be sure that you definitely want to place an order before finalizing. We are a small bakery and plan our baking production, ordering and staffing based on our orders. When we take your order in advance, we plan that time in our schedule for your order and turn away other orders based on availability. 


If you place an order and decide you would like to make a change, we will do our best to accommodate you. We ask that all changes be made at least one week before the pickup date.


If an order is placed within 30 days of the pickup date, it must be paid in full at time of order. If ordering further in advance, you have the option to pay a 50% deposit and the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the order date.



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