5 Reasons to Love Our Keto Bakery Selection 

There are more than 5 Reasons to LOVE our Keto Bakery selection but here are the top 5!

1. We have our own Keto coach

First of all, we have OWN PERSONAL KETO COACH developing recipes!

We have spent the last couple of years exploring recipes for Keto baked Goods and have come up with so many great options for you! We have been slowly rolling out a few at a time over the past few months.

Many of our customers have been asking for Keto sweets and low carb options- we have been listening to you!

Lisa, one of the “3 Sweet Girls”, lives a Keto lifestyle. She is a Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Nutrition as well as a Certified Keto Coach, who studied with Maria and Craig Emmerich.

Lisa does all of the Keto recipe development and analysis. You can rest assured that we are using good quality ingredients and sweeteners. Feel free to email us with questions and feedback!


2. Individual Portions

Secondly, our Keto friendly bakery items come in INDIVIDUAL PORTIONS making it easy to know exactly how much you are eating and how many carbs are in each serving.

Most items have a nutrition label so that you can easily track the carbohydrate, protein and fat and also include an ingredient list. Another perk of individual portions: you can purchase a variety of of items to try!

They are also the perfect size to grab individually for yourself or people who you know who live the Keto lifestyle. While you are in you also have the option of picking up regular items for friends, family and coworkers at the same time!

3. Our Keto Sweets are Gluten Free

In addition, all of our Keto friendly options are GLUTEN FREE as well as low carb! This is super exciting for our many Gluten Free customers who stop in for GF treats frequently because this means many more choices for them.

We often have an even larger variety of Keto options than simply gluten free, so if you are Gluten Free be sure to ask about our Keto options too! 

4. So much variety!

Our bakery offers a large VARIETY of Keto baked goods every day at our Kenwood location.

We are constantly testing recipes and making new items so that whenever possible we have new options weekly! Regardless, we will still keep some of the go-to favorites on hand on a regular basis!

Each day our bakery has a variety of cookies. Several popular flavors are peanut butter, chocolate chip and double chocolate. There is also a variety of Keto cheesecake-in-a-jar with seasonal, changing toppings. Our muffins are also a hit!

To learn more about our Keto options visit our Keto page.

5. They are all delicious!

Last but not least, the number one reason of all to try our Keto friendly bakery items is that they are DELICIOUS.

We have been baking our whole lives and have sampled sweets from all over the world. We are definitely experts when it comes to dessert!

It is very hard to find freshly baked Keto friendly sweets that are delicious, truly low carb and have accurate nutritional information.

Generally, when living the Keto lifestyles, sweets aren’t a big part of your day, so when you do get a treat you look forward  to something that is really great. That’s why we are now offering so many delicious Keto options at 3 Sweet Girls Cakery!

We want to hear from you!

We LOVE feedback and want to hear what you think of our keto bakery items. Please share with us what you would like to see more.  We are here to serve our customers and try our best to meet everyone’s needs.

The need for Keto friendly dessert options is BIG and we are here for you!! Stop in and chat with us anytime. We want to hear your story!

You can email us or give us a call at 513-984-1100!


  1. jim matthews

    do you post the nutrition facts for your keto items? I am low carb and cant buy anything until I know carb count.

    • lisa

      There is nutritional information on most of the items in the bakery. We do not post it online at this time.You may call us at 513-984-1100 during business hours and ask any questions you like before coming into the Kenwood location.


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