Flying Pig Marathon

The Flying Pig Marathon is one of our favorite events of the year!  That’s why 3 Sweet Girls Cakery is the official bakery sponsor of the Flying Pig!  As the bakery sponsor, we get to be a part of the festivities, see the event from behind the scenes, and share our Flying Pig treats all weekend long. 

In this article, we’re going to share a little bit about the Flying Pig Marathon and then give you a peek at the process of making our trademarked Flying Pig Cake Pops.

What is the Flying Pig Marathon?!

The Flying Pig is more than just a marathon. It includes challenging half-marathon, 10k and 5k courses through the streets of Cincinnati as well!

The weekend kicks off with the P&G Heath and Fitness Expo at Duke Energy Convention Center on Friday May 3 and Saturday May 4th.  That’s where runners pickup their race packets and pound a few Flying Pig cake pops, cookies, brownies and other treats for before the race (carb loading, anyone?)!

Race participants come from all over the world to be a part of the Flying Pig! We love having the opportunity to meet them and feel the race excitement at the Expo.

Sunday, we run!  And eat.  And party.  In fact, there’s so much happening on race day, that we couldn’t begin to list it all here.  That’s why you should visit the official Flying Pig Website where you can even download the official Flying Pig Event App.

How do you make Flying Pig Cake Pops?

This is the question people ask the most, so here you go.

To make Flying Pig cake pops, start with freshly baked vanilla cake and buttercream. Crumble the cake and mix it with the buttercream until it reaches the perfect consistency.  Then, roll them into the “pig” shape (sort of like a stubby little sausage).

Next, add candy “legs” and “ears” to the cake bodies.  Once they are assembled, add a stick for holding and dip them into pink chocolate.

After the chocolate has time to set, you can add the details!  Fondant wings, and hand piped noses, eyes, and of course a curly tail.

We work in an assembly line when Flying Pig season rolls around so that we can make the pops as efficiently as possible. There are lots of details involved and we make thousands for race weekend!

We love that they are all hand crafted and no two pigs are exactly alike!

So, where can you get Flying Pig treats?!

The best place to get these little beauties is the Expo along with lots of other Flying pig themed goodies.

If you won’t be attending the Expo but still want Flying Pig treats, you can always special order some or stop into one of our two retail locations between now and race day!

Use our Order Inquiry Form to get the ball rolling on your special order.  Once you have submitted the form, please give us a call to follow up at 513-984-1100.

You can also give us a call first, or email us and we are always happy to chat!

We look forward to the Flying Pig Marathon all year and we’re honored to be the Official Bakery Sponsor.  See you at the race!


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