People see with their eyes and hear with their ears, but they remember what they smell and taste.  Want them to remember your brand?  Feed it to them.  Better yet, do it with custom packaging and a stunning display.

If you’re interested in corporate holiday gifts or holiday party desserts, visit our Christmas & Holiday page. We would love to customize holiday gifts for you!

Trade Shows & Conferences

Trade shows are busy places and everybody has a gimmick for drawing people to their booth.  You need something better than mints or magnets.  Try an assortment of our branded sweets!

Bright colors, yummy smells, and amazing flavor will guarantee a steady stream of visitors.  And, with your logo and other important information printed on them, our cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and more will ensure that they tell their friends about you.

Networking Events

Want to make a splash at your next networking event?  Show up with a box full of delicious fun from 3 Sweet Girls Cakery!  The handshakes, introductions, and business cards will flow as folks come to sample the goodness.  Add your logo and branding message for extra impact.  You’ll have them eating out of your hands.

Product Launches & Press Conferences

If you’re launching a new product, giving a press conference, or any time you just need to get people’s attention, our treats are a great way to do it.  We can help you create unique and customized creations that will carry your message to the masses.

Incentives & In-House Promotions

Looking for a way to inspire the folks you work with?  Ok, here’s what you do.  Share some of our bakery items and then incentivize them with an chance to win some for themselves.  You could run a contest, sponsor a giveaway, or introduce a regular in-house promotion.  We’re always willing to be in cahoots to help you spoil your partners and employees.

Remember: Large and Detailed Orders Require Significant Advanced Notice!

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