In our lives, few events are as important and pivotal as a baptism.  This is why we love to help you celebrate these momentous occasions.  Baptisms, Christenings, Dedications, and Confirmations are significant milestones in the growth and maturity of your family and friends.  That’s why you’re going to want to make a big deal about them when they happen.  And, it’s why we want to help.

Standard or Custom

As you can see by looking through the gallery below, there are a lot of cakes in our standard repertoire.  If you like something that you see there, you can simply order it.  You can also use a cake from the gallery as a starting place and then customize it to make it your own.

Perhaps you already have an idea or a theme of your own and you want a custom creation.  You can do that too.  All of the cakes in the gallery were somebody’s idea once.  We’re happy to help you develop a design of your own.


There’s no charge for our standard decorations.  We’re happy to add those where you like.  We’ll do our best to match the color and theme of your invitations or other favors.

If you want to go above and beyond our standard decorations, we can create custom fondant or sugar decorations just for you.  There is an extra charge for these, but nothing sets off your unique theme like one-of-a-kind custom decorations and favors.


As with any occasion, cake is available with options.  You can order cakes of various sizes and shapes, cupcakes, or cake pops.  Often, the final order is the perfect mixture of multiple items for a show-stopping dessert display that will surely make lasting memories for years.

Cookies, Brownies, and More

In addition to cake, you can use cookies, brownies, chocolate-dipped pretzels and more to build out your unforgettable goody table.  Our homemade butter cookies are the perfect canvas for displaying messages.  Use them to commemorate the event with name and date information.  They also make for very creative place cards and favors.

Decadent brownies add a chocolate touch for some extra rich fun and decorated pretzels offer a splash of color and sprinkles.  Use any combination of these delicious options to craft a memorable experience for your favorite guests.

Baptism Cake Gallery