Decorated Cookies for all Occasions 

Decorated cookies are perfect for all occasions! Not only are cookies delicious, they are also beautiful, customizable and can be made for any and every celebration. 

We use our favorite butter cookie recipe paired with vanilla royal icing. We have the flexibility to mix colors, customize shapes and add personalized details to match any party’s theme or decorations. 

There’s an exciting challenge to coming up with a new design! Let’s checkout a few of the most popular orders we’ve decorated.

1. Children’s Cookies 

Children’s party themes range from superheroes and princesses to favorite animals and color palettes. We love looking at your inspiration to come up with new designs that will make your child’s birthday that much more special!


2. Corporate Cookies 

Corporate cookies are a memorable take away favor from a conference, gift for employees, or dessert for a corporate party. Not only are they eye catching, but they’re a perfect snack mid-meeting that definitely won’t be forgotten.

In addition, you can add a sticker, tag or ribbon specific to your business to really follow through with your branding. Why give away a logo pen or notepad, when you could handout a delicious cookie instead?!

Sometimes the company logo is printed out and added to a cookie. Other times, the focus can be on the company’s colors or even a special product or service that the company provides.

We’ve made everything from teeth with braces cookies for an orthodontist to construction hats for a building company. 


2. Holiday Cookies

No matter the holiday, we can personalize your party or get together and make it unique with cookies. Holidays we have made cookies for include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Hanukkah, and so many more. 

The design options are endless and anything can be made just for you! 

Decorating kits are an easy way to get children involved and decorate to their heart’s content. We will provide you with everything you need to get the decorating party started!

4. Sports & Graduation 

Sports cookies are a game day must, from Super Bowl Sunday to wedding favors featuring your alma mater. Imagine golf cookies for a dad who loves to play, baseball cookies for a team victory or even gymnasts for after a big meet. 

Graduation cookies are often centered around the graduate’s name, school colors and sometimes even their speciality or major.

4. Wedding & Special Occasion Cookies 

Weddings are one of the most popular occasions for cookies. Beyond the big day, engagement party cookies, wedding shower dessert table cookies, or bachelorette cookies for the bride to be are a special touch. 

Baby shower cookies focus on any of a variety of fun themes, from “Taco ’bout a Baby” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to woodland animals and nature. 

Baptism and christenings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and, of course, birthdays, are all opportunities to design cookies that guests will rave about!

Check out our website for more information and photo galleries. You can always submit your ideas to us under the Order Now tab or give us a call at 513-984-1100. We’d love to chat!

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