Virtual Celebrations

Virtual Celebrations

Virtual Celebrations

Just a few weeks ago, many of us may have been skeptical upon hearing about a “virtual celebration.” But now that Covid-19 has us practicing social distancing, we’re seeing virtual happy hours, birthday parties, showers, and date nights pop up every day.

During a time when we’re encouraged to physically distance ourselves from friends and family, it’s important to stay in touch in other ways. A virtual celebration can help us see familiar faces, worry a little less and laugh a little more.

Wondering how you can take part in a virtual celebration yourself? Here are my 4 favorite ways to celebrate virtually. I hope you’ll try one!

1. Virtual Happy Hour

Co-workers, friends, or family members from afar can all take part in a virtual happy hour! Set a time, choose your favorite drink (or whatever you have at home!) and setup a FaceTime, Skype or Zoom call to catch up.

Especially when you’re used to being together with a group daily or weekly, it can be a great mood-booster to jump on a call and actually see their faces!

Need an excuse for a virtual happy hour? We don’t think so! But some great opportunities to schedule one are for birthdays or weekly TGIF get togethers. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

For a special celebratory happy hour, order sweet treats to be delivered to the person of honor! Or better yet, to everyone joining you. Treats can be delivered as a surprise, making for an even more special celebration.


2. Virtual Birthday Party 

Just because previous party plans had to be cancelled, doesn’t mean you can’t continue on with birthday celebrations!

We’ve had customers purchase individually boxed cupcakes, wrapped cake pops and cookies, or other treats for each of their virtual “party guests.”

Next, they drop off the items at each person’s door! What a fun surprise for guests, even if they can’t eat them together in person. 

Some groups will enjoy their treats together as a group and others will just leave a nice note, party hat, or other fun surprises with the treats! What a sweet way to celebrate while also following social distancing and stay at home guidelines!

3. Virtual Baby or Bridal Shower

In addition to our first and largest location near Kenwood, we have a second location sfdfsdfsd

4. Virtual Date Night

A fun way to have a virtual date night right at home is to order drinks, dinner and dessert from local restaurants and businesses!

Many restaurants are offering delivery right to your door and/or curbside pickup options. This allows you to order 

How to order now!

A fun way to have a virtual date night right at home is to order drinks, dinner and dessert from local restaurants! Many restaurants are offering 

Official Bakery Sponsor of The Flying Pig Marathon

We are proud to announce that we are once again the Official Bakery Sponsor of The Flying Pig Marathon which is just around the corner. That means that we are getting ready to make thousands of our famous Flying Pig Cake Pops.  We will have Flying Pig Cake Pops, Flying Pig Cookies and other sweet treats this entire month of April in both of our locations. We also take special orders for any of these items. We look forward to being at the Expo! To learn more about all of the events the Flying Pig Events.

We hope that many of you are running! Biggest Raffle Ever tickets can be purchased in our store and the money donated will go to The Pink Ribbon Girls!


This Flying Pig Marathon is one of our favorite events of the year. The entire city gets involved with all of the fun activities. We love creating  custom orders for your Flying Pig parties. We can make up arrangements of the cake pops for centerpieces as well! We are able to deliver some orders. We have our OTR location downtown located at 29 E 12th Street. If you would like a larger order to pick up downtown we always suggest calling ahead so that we can make sure it is there for you.

Last year we had the pleasure of creating a custom designed wedding cake for a couple who got married there:)  It was pretty exciting to be a part of such a special moment!

We started making these cake pops as a fun thing just because we love our city and wanted to do something fun to represent this. We had no idea that they would become so popular:)!