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Custom Cakes
We make cakes for almost any occasion, including  birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, wedding showers, retirements and holidays. Our cakes can be ordered in any of flavor from our cake menu below.

If you look through our galleries and find a cake that you like, we can change the color theme and customize it for you. We have made all of these cakes and they are a great way for you to get an idea of what we can do. Once you decide what you would like, send us a custom order inquiry to get the ordering process started!

We often get the question, “How far in advance do I need to order?” and can be hard to answer. We consider an order placed when it is paid for in advance and all details have been finalized. It can be difficult to predict exactly when we will be booked with orders, but it is never too early to place an order! We pride ourselves in working really hard to make sure each cake looks awesome and tastes just as good, which means we do have a cutoff point each week.

That being said please don’t let this stop you from calling to check as we will do the best we can to take your order! It is important that you call us to follow up with an order inquiry form if you are hoping to get an order placed for a quickly approaching date! We try to follow up on all of the emails but often when we try to reach people they are not available so we want you to know that you should call us to go over details and finalize with payment.

Please read our policies if you have further questions and to learn about placing an order. 

Celebration Cakes
Once we no longer have availability for a fully custom cake for a date, we may still be able to accommodate one of our “Celebration Cakes” are cakes. These can be ordered in advance but are not fully custom. They are a special collection of our top-selling cake designs that we know so many of you love! They can often be done with a little less notice than fully custom cakes, can fit almost any theme or occasions & come in so many delicious flavors!

Store Cakes
We also offer “Store Cakes,” which are cakes that are ready-to-go in the shop daily. These vary in design & flavor since they are decorator’s choice each week. This gives our team a chance to have fun & get creative with new designs! You can view the current selection in the daily shop & reserve yours by purchasing online. Some designs tend to sell out quickly, so we always recommend purchasing in advance to ensure the cake you want is ready for you when you pickup!


Cake Flavors


Birthday Cake



Lemon Blueberry

Lemon Raspberry



Red Velvet

Red Velvet Oreo

Salted Caramel

Sugar Cookie


Strawberry Lemonade


White Chocolate Raspberry

White Chocolate Blueberry

Cake Filling

Chocolate Ganache




Buttercream Frosting






Cream Cheese



Peanut Butter


Salted Caramel



Gluten Free or Vegan

Many of our flavors can be made Gluten Free or Vegan, if you order in advance! We offer Gluten Free, Vegan & cakes that are both Gluten Free AND Vegan. 

We do make these cakes in the same facility as our regular treats, so while we try to limit cross contamination, we cannot make any guarantees. Please keep this in mind if there is an allergy. 

Smash Cakes

A three Layer 4″ smash cake -can be ordered along with a larger cake.