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cookies at 3 sweet girls bakery

3 Sweet Girls Cakery isn’t just a master of cupcakes and cakes, we are also cultivating and expanding our cookie creations department! We have the cookie decorating skills, tools, and creativity to illustrate almost any theme you may need. If we don’t have the exact cookie cut out to match your needs, we have the artistic abilities to hand draw exactly what you have imagined for your cookie dreams!

Not only can we meet your needs from a creative stand point, but we also have the technology to make exact replicas of photos, logos, and any other image available. Looking for an out-of-the-box way to advertise your business so clients will remember you over any other company? Order our custom cookies decorated with your exact business logo printed from our edible logo printer!

Our cookies are the perfect way to portray any kind of message or theme for any occasion. We also offer our cookies in a variety of sizes to accommodate what you envision, whether that be for party favors or bite size cookies for a dessert bar! 3 Sweet Girls Cakery will work with you to perfectly design custom cookies just for you! Orders can placed at either of our two locations; 7458 Montgomery Road or 29 E. 12th Street.

Want to get started on bringing your cookie dreams to life? Stop into one of our stores today to place your order!

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