A Week Away So Don’t Delay

Are we really only a week away from Christmas? Seems like just yesterday that we were out enjoying the warm weather. Oh it was! The unseasonably warm weather was quite a surprise for the month of December. Is that why we’re not thinking about the holidays? It just doesn’t seem as if Christmas is right around the corner. And ‘Yours Truly’, the author of this blog belongs to the ‘Procrastinators Club’. Have I even had one thought about Christmas? Yes, I have! I just haven’t done anything about it. Planning is not my personal strength.

Holiday SliderI dream big of all the gatherings I’d like to arrange for my family and friends for the holidays, but somehow, some way, the plans just don’t get made. Then at the very last moment, with the help of the fact that I work in a bakery, I usually can pull a cool dessert tray together, some simple finger foods, and viola!

So if you’re like me, the procrastinator, we’ll be here for you at 3 Sweet Girls Cakery. We’ll have the goodies for you as you run in at the very last moment to grab stuffers for your stockings and desserts for your table. And your friends and family will ‘ooh and ahhh’ as mine do and they’ll think you’re so thoughtful and so creative 😉

And for those of you who are planners and need everything ‘just so’, well, we’re taking orders through Monday, Dec. 21, so getting in your larger, or special orders would be a good idea.

So whether you are a planner or procrastinator, we’re sure we can fill your holiday desserts and packaged sweets needs. Come by and say ‘hi’.

We wish you a joyful holiday season!

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