5 Reasons We Love our Store Cakes

5 Reasons We Love our Store Cakes

5 Reasons You’ll Love our Store Cakes

Store Cakes | 3 Sweet girls Cakery

Store cakes are our weekly cakes that are pre-made, already decorated & ready to-go daily.
Forget a birthday?! Get invited to a last minute celebration?! Need a cake for an office party?! Just craving a slice of cake?!
We’ve got you covered. These cakes are perfect for you- here’s why…


Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
3 Sweet Girls Cakery Store Cake Designs
Store Cakes | 3 Sweet girls Cakery

1. They’re Ready-to-go

Store cakes are ready-to-go! While we often need at least two weeks notice (sometimes more) for custom cake orders, store cakes are ready-to-go without notice! They’re perfect for any occasion that you may have forgotten or decided to celebrate last minute.

We have store cakes every day, but do sellout at times.  We make new store cakes throughout the week, as needed. If you’ve contacted us for a custom order, but we were booked for your date, ordering a store cake is a great option for you.

2. Baker’s Choice Flavors

Store cake flavors are baker’s choice each week, which means we have a variety of flavors.

We typically start with some of our best selling classics, like vanilla, birthday cake, chocolate or red velvet. Then, we add other yummy options, for example, Oreo birthday cake, Reese’s peanut butter, chocolate raspberry & others, that vary week to week.

3. New Designs Each Week

Designs are decorator’s choice, which means our decorating team has the chance to have fun with each cake. Some will be true to flavor, others decorated seasonally & others might have buttercream flower decorations.

We try to make sure there are options that can be fitting for a variety of occasions. From birthdays to graduations & bridal showers to cooperate gatherings, we have designs for you each week.

4. Easy Online Ordering

The easiest way to reserve a store cake in advance, is to visit our online shop. We have a photo of each & every store cakes for you to see. If you click on the photo, it also tells you the size, flavor & date that the cake is best served by.

We recommend checking out the online store before the day you need the cake. You will be able to reserve the cake for pickup on the date of your choice.  We will add cakes as needed throughout the week, but we always have the most design variety on Wednesday afternoons or Thursday mornings.

Of course, you can also stop in during our open store hours to see our store cake selection in person!

5. Make It Your Own!

While the flavor & design of a store cake is already decided, you can still make it your own!

We offer birthday & graduation cake toppers that can be added on or you can have us write a message on the cake board.

We also have a festive selection of other themed toppers & candles for you to choose from. They’re all out on display in the bakery or you can also. view them in our online shop!

Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Store Cakes | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Pink and Green Floral Buttercream In Store Cake | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Still have questions?

If you still want more information, fee free to Contact Us!

You can also give us a call at 513-984-1100 and we’re always happy to chat. Cheers!

Cocoa Bombs

Cocoa Bombs

Cocoa Bombs

Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Cocoa bombs are one of the biggest trends of 2020. After many daily requests from customers, we decided to make our own!
In case you’ve missed it, cocoa bombs are a chocolate shell filled with hot cocoa mix, marshmallows & other delicious toppings. 
Simply place it in a mug, slowly pour 8-10 ounces of steaming milk (to taste) over the bomb & stir until filly mixed. Then, enjoy!

Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

3 Sweet Girls Cocoa Bomb Offerings

This winter, 3 Sweet Girls is offering cocoa bombs for holiday pre-ordering! Each of our cocoa bombs is hand made & decorated with love. We have a trio available that includes three of our favorite flavors.

Peppermint hot cocoa: White chocolate hot cocoa mix + mini marshmallows + crushed peppermint surrounded by a peppermint white chocolate shell. It’s topped with more crushed peppermint & a splash of gold metallic.

Classic cocoa: Hot cocoa mix + mini marshmallows surrounded by a dark chocolate shell. It’s topped with milk + white chocolate & the cutest tiny marshmallows.

Cookies & cream cocoa: Hot cocoa mix + mini marshmallows + crushed Oreos surrounded by a cookies & cream white chocolate shell. Topped with white chocolate & more crushed Oreos.

We will also have cocoa bombs available in the shop for day-of pickup on select dates! Be sure to watch our Facebook & Instagram for updates on when & which flavors are available!

Why cocoa bombs?

Our cocoa bombs make the perfect gift set, stocking stuffer, hostess gift or chilly day pick-me-up! Be sure to pre-order your trio (until sellout) or watch for individual bombs available in the shop.  

We are currently offering curbside pickup & delivery options only. We are not open for any walk-in shopping right now. Each day we post everything that’s available on our Facebook & Instagram stories. You can call to place orders or ask any questions at 513-984-1100.

Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Still have questions?

If you still want more information, fee free to Contact Us!

You can also give us a call at 513-984-1100 and we’re always happy to chat. Cheers!

Virtual Celebrations

Virtual Celebrations

Virtual Celebrations

Just a few weeks ago, many of us may have been skeptical upon hearing about a “virtual celebration.” But now that Covid-19 has us practicing social distancing, we’re seeing virtual happy hours, birthday parties, showers, and date nights pop up every day.

During a time when we’re encouraged to physically distance ourselves from friends and family, it’s important to stay in touch in other ways. A virtual celebration can help us see familiar faces, worry a little less and laugh a little more.

Wondering how you can take part in a virtual celebration yourself? Here are my 4 favorite ways to celebrate virtually. I hope you’ll try one!

1. Virtual Happy Hour

Co-workers, friends, or family members from afar can all take part in a virtual happy hour! Set a time, choose your favorite drink (or whatever you have at home!) and setup a FaceTime, Skype or Zoom call to catch up.

Especially when you’re used to being together with a group daily or weekly, it can be a great mood-booster to jump on a call and actually see their faces!

Need an excuse for a virtual happy hour? We don’t think so! But some great opportunities to schedule one are for birthdays or weekly TGIF get togethers. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

For a special celebratory happy hour, order sweet treats to be delivered to the person of honor! Or better yet, to everyone joining you. Treats can be delivered as a surprise, making for an even more special celebration.


2. Virtual Birthday Party 

Just because previous party plans had to be cancelled, doesn’t mean you can’t continue on with birthday celebrations!

We’ve had customers purchase individually boxed cupcakes, wrapped cake pops and cookies, or other treats for each of their virtual “party guests.”

Next, they drop off the items at each person’s door! What a fun surprise for guests, even if they can’t eat them together in person. 

Some groups will enjoy their treats together as a group and others will just leave a nice note, party hat, or other fun surprises with the treats! What a sweet way to celebrate while also following social distancing and stay at home guidelines!

3. Virtual Baby or Bridal Shower

In addition to our first and largest location near Kenwood, we have a second location sfdfsdfsd

4. Virtual Date Night

A fun way to have a virtual date night right at home is to order drinks, dinner and dessert from local restaurants and businesses!

Many restaurants are offering delivery right to your door and/or curbside pickup options. This allows you to order 

How to order now!

A fun way to have a virtual date night right at home is to order drinks, dinner and dessert from local restaurants! Many restaurants are offering 

Cocoa Bombs

Sweet Options for Everyone

Sweet Options for Everyone

3 Sweet Girls offers a wide variety of regular desserts, from cookies and cupcakes to brownies and rice krispie treats! What you may not know is that we also have options for just about everyone, including gluten free, vegan and keto desserts!

Read on for everything you need to know, including what options we have, when they are available, and where you can get these delicious treats for yourself.



Why keto?

Keto desserts are the newest line of bakery items that we offer. Because these treats are low-carb and gluten free, they are perfect for not only a keto lifestyle, but also any low-carb, gluten free, sugar free or diabetic diets. 

One of the co-owners of 3 Sweet Girls, Lisa, is a dietitian and certified keto coach. She has been living the keto lifestyle for years.

Lisa understands how hard it is to find delicious keto desserts. As a result, she has worked hard perfecting her recipes to bring us a wide variety of keto desserts that are available in store each day.

When and where?

We have the best selection of keto items available daily at our Kenwood location. However, select keto options are also available at the Over the Rhine (OTR) location.

Special ordering for keto items is not available at this time, but customers are welcome to call to reserve items in advance with a phone payment. Any reserved items may be picked up at the OTR location upon request with at least one days notice.

Keto customers travel from all around the tristate to stock up on our keto desserts. A few popular items include cheesecake in a jar, keto everything bagels, jalapeno cheddar muffins, truffles (similar to a fat bomb), pop tarts, donuts, cookie bars, buckeyes , cupcakes and cake pops.

We post about new items on social media regularly. If you have more questions or would like to hear about our current selection, visit the keto page on our website, submit a website inquiry form or call us at 513-984-1100.

Keto items pictured below (left to right):

Peanut butter and raspberry jelly cups, double chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough buttercream, chocolate chip cookie cheesecake jars and pumpkin cream cheese muffins.



Why vegan?

As a result of our vegan cupcakes and cakes being dairy free, they are a great option for not only vegan customers, but also anyone following a dairy free diet. Upon request, we can also make special orders that are both gluten free and dairy free/vegan.

Whether you need vegan desserts for a birthday party, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or just a sweet pick-me-up, we have options for you. Popular flavors range from Oreo and wedding cake to raspberry vanilla and lemon.

When and where?

Vegan cupcakes are available at both our Kenwood and OTR locations every Friday and Saturday while supplies last. 

Special ordering is available for vegan cupcakes and cakes. For a special order of cupcakes, there is a minimum of 12 regular size cupcakes or 24 mini cupcakes required per flavor.

Custom, special ordered cakes are offered in select designs. Customers frequently order a small vegan cake or an order of vegan cupcakes to accompany a larger wedding or corporate order, giving vegan guests a sweet option as well.

For more information, visit the vegan page on our website, submit a website inquiry form, or give us a call at 513-984-1100.

Vegan items pictured below (left to right):

Oreo, tuxedo, chocolate strawberry, original chocolate, strawberry vanilla, vanilla with chocolate buttercream and original vanilla cupcakes.

Gluten Free

Why gluten free?

We offer a large selection of gluten free items including cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cakes. All of our keto items are also gluten free, which add great variety to our gluten free menu.

Our gluten free desserts are great for customers who are gluten sensitive or follow a gluten free diet. Upon request, we can make cupcakes that are both gluten free and dairy free/vegan.

When and where?

Each Friday and Saturday we have a selection of gluten free cupcakes available in both the Kenwood and OTR location. At times, we have gluten free cake pops in store as well. Both of these items are available while supplies last.

Gluten free cupcakes, cakes and cake pops are offered for special order in nearly any of our cupcake flavors. Cupcakes are available in regular size or mini sizes for special orders, with a minimum of 12 regular size or 24 mini cupcakes per flavor.

Gluten free cake pops are available in orders with a minimum of 12 per flavor and design.

Gluten free cakes can be made in any of our cake designs, making them perfect for birthdays, weddings, showers and corporate events! 

We recommend placing all special orders at least two weeks in advance.

For more information, visit the gluten free page on our website, submit a website inquiry form, or give us a call at 513-984-1100.

Gluten free items pictured below (left to right):

Gluten free double chocolate brownie, cupcakes, naked cake and cake pops.

More Details

While the 3 Sweet Girls Cakery team works hard to limit all contamination, all of our items are made in the same facility and with the same equipment. As a result, we cannot guarantee there is never any cross contamination of ingredients.

We use gluten, sugar, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts and most allergens in our kitchen, so please be mindful if there is an allergy concern.

Have more questions about any of our keto, gluten free, vegan or regular items? Please visit our website, submit a website inquiry form or give us a call at 513-984-1100!

Cocoa Bombs

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always a challenge.  You want to give something original, but you also want to make sure it’s a hit.  You need a gift that’s classy, but fun.  Something thoughtful, but not too heavy.  You’re in luck, we’ve got just the thing.

Saying, “I Love You,” is sweet.  Saying it with Cookies, Cupcakes, or Cake Pops is even better!  The best Valentines are the kind you can eat.  They’re tasty and tasteful.  So here are some ideas to make this year’s perfect Valentine’s Day gift the best ever.

1. Deciding on the Perfect Gift 

The look of panic is unmistakable.  It’s written all over your face.  You forgot all about Valentine’s Day and you need a gift right now! 

We see it every year and, although we’ll always be here for you in those last minute crises, why not make this the year to plan ahead? Think about it, your Valentine gets a perfect treat AND you have a stress free day.

Our selection varies from cupcakes and cake pops to custom Valentine’s cakes and cookies to pre-made dessert platters! 

Dessert platters are new this year and definitely a hit! We offer three different sizes, making them perfect for any size crowd. Platters include a selection of treats from cookies, chocolate dipped pretzel and Oreos, brownie bites and Rice Krispie treats!

2. Order in Advance 

OK, so now you need to get your plan in motion. The best way to ensure that you get exactly what you want, is to place a gift order in advance. It’s never too early to place an order, so head to our Order Form to send us your ideas!

We offer customized cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and brownies as well as chocolate dipped pretzels and Oreos. You can order a variety of these items in a matching theme, select custom writing to personalize it, or just leave it up to us to surprise you with a gift package.

Our new Valentine’s Day dessert platters and gift boxes can also be ordered in advance or reserved from our current in-store selection! Dessert platters can even be ordered online– doesn’t get any easier than that!

Regardless of what you order, the most important thing is to place your order.  Remember, we’re going for stress-free gift giving this year.

3. Request Delivery 

Alright, now that you’re going to order that awesome surprise in advance, why not have it delivered?  Delivery is great, because you get cool gift points and impress the friends/co-workers points. 

The only thing that makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift more perfect is having it sit on the desk all day, so that everyone who sees it says how cool it is.

Besides, ordering in advance with delivery ensures that you won’t forget.  And we know how busy life is.  Who couldn’t use a little forgetfulness insurance?

We use a courier service who will deliver treats just about anywhere. We can deliver locally to homes, offices, schools, hospitals and just about anywhere you need in Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky!

4. Stop in on Valentine’s Day

Finally, if you just aren’t a plan-ahead kind of person you can still just stop into one of our two local locations on Valentine’s Day.  We’ll have a selection of freshly-baked goodies for you “spontaneous” types.

All walk-in items are first-come first-served, so we suggest coming in as early as you can for the best selection.  Believe it or not, you won’t be the only one looking for that last-minute score on the big day.

Call in to reserve items from the store by paying for them in advance. We’ll set them aside and have them ready for pickup when you get there!

Check out our website for more perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas and photo galleries. You can always submit your ideas to us under the Order Now tab or give us a call at (513) 984-1100.


Cocoa Bombs

4 Reasons to Join us for a Decorating Class

4 Reasons to Join us for a Decorating Class

3 Sweet Girls is now offering do-it-yourself cupcake, cake and cookie decorating classes.

Here’s everything you need to know about what we offer, how to sign up & why you should try one!

1. Learn to DIY

At our decorating classes, we’ll demonstrate our processes and then guide you through self-paced hands-on learning. The group sizes allow you to ask questions and spend time practicing.

For cookie classes, we’ll teach you several piping techniques, help you learn about the best consistency & even send you home with our very own royal icing recipe. 

Cake classes are an opportunity to learn the basics from crumb coating to adding the finishing touches!

Cupcake classes detail designs for the selected theme, ranging from Grinch cupcakes for Christmas, to unicorns, to buttercream succulents. 

Not only will you learn to decorate in the class, but you’ll also leave prepared with the knowledge you need to decorate at home.

2. Invite a friend, buy a ticket & we’ll handle the details!

Once you purchase a ticket, all you have to do is show up! We’ll do the prep work, provide all of the supplies you need and clean up everything at the end. Does it get any easier than that?!

We provide non-alcoholic beverages, decorating supplies for that selected class topic and someone to teach you everything you need to know. You’re welcome to bring in snacks and BYOB if you’d like!

Whether you have a special occasion or not, a decorating class or workshop is a great excuse to get out and have fun!

Our classes don’t require any previous experience which makes them  perfect for guests of any skill and experience level. We do have some classes that are recommended for children 12 and up, and others that are ideal for children, so make sure to check out the details. 

3. New Class Options     

We have had many requests for decorating classes and are so excited to finally offer options at our Kenwood location on Montgomery Road. 

Classes so far have included:

-Unicorn, succulent, Fall, Christmas, Valentines and buttercream flower cupcakes

-Ganache drip, buttercream flower, Valentine’s & Christmas gnome cakes

-Christmas, Valentine’s day & cookies 101 classes

We love to hear feedback and suggestions for class themes that you’d love to attend!

4. You Can Book a Private Class

If you don’t see the perfect class for your group already being offered, you can book a private event! This is perfect for corporate parties, team building, showers, birthdays and ladies night out. 

We offer cupcake, cake and cookie decorating classes! You can choose the theme and colors. We’ll walk you through the process and then assist as you learn to do-it-yourself!

We provide non-alcoholic beverages, a teacher and all the supplies you need! We also offer light bite and veggie tray options that can be added on.

You’re welcome to bring in a meal, your own beverages (byob) and snacks.  

Give us a call at 513-984-1100 or fill out our website inquiry form to find out more about booking a private party!

How do I sign up?!

To find out about our current classes being offered, check out our Facebook Events page or Eventbrite page!

When we list a new class, we always post about it on social media. Be sure to follow up on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for the most up-to-date information. 

If you have any questions about classes or need assistance signing up, we’re happy to help!

Give us a call at 513-984-1100 or email us at 3sweetgirlscakery@gmail.comHope to see you at a decorating class soon!

Cocoa Bombs

5 Reasons to LOVE Our Keto Baked Goods

5 Reasons to Love Our Keto Baked Goods 

There are more than 5 Reasons to LOVE our Keto Baked Goods but here are the top 5!

1. It’s like having your own Keto coach

You have one, because we have one.  That’s right, we have our OWN PERSONAL KETO COACH developing recipes!

Lisa, one of the “3 Sweet Girls”, lives a Keto lifestyle.  She is a Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Nutrition as well as a Certified Keto Coach, who studied with Maria and Craig Emmerich.

Lisa does all of the Keto recipe development and analysis.  You can rest assured that we are using only top quality ingredients and sweeteners.

Many of our customers have been asking for Keto sweets and low carb options and we’ve been listening!  Over the last couple of years we’ve come up with a whole bunch of great options for you, and we’ve been slowly rolling out a few at a time over the past few months.

Come give them a try and feel free to email us with questions and feedback!


2. Individual Portions

Secondly, our Keto friendly bakery items come in INDIVIDUAL PORTIONS making it easy to know exactly how much you are eating and how many carbs are in each serving.

Most of them include an ingredient list and a nutrition label so that you can easily track the amounts carbohydrate, protein and fat you’re eating.  Another perk of individual portions is that you can purchase a variety of of items to try!

They are the perfect size to grab individually for yourself or for people you know who live the Keto lifestyle.  Stop in and pick up some regular items for friends, family and coworkers at the same time!

3. Our Keto Sweets are Gluten Free

All of our Keto baked goods are GLUTEN FREE as well as low carb!  This is super exciting, because it means more choices for our many Gluten Free customers.

There’s usually a larger variety of Keto options than just gluten free, so if you are Gluten Free be sure to ask about our Keto options too!

4. So much variety!

Every day you’ll find a variety of cookies, cheesecake in a jar, and muffins.  Peanut butter, chocolate chip and double chocolate and just someof the most popular flavors.  The Keto cheesecake-in-a-jar featues seasonal, changing toppings and our muffins are always a hit.

To learn more about specific Keto options visit our Keto page.

5. They are all delicious!

The best reason to love our Keto baked goods is that their DELICIOUS!

We have been baking and sampling sweets from all over the world our whole loves.  That makes us experts when it comes to dessert!

It is very hard to find freshly baked Keto friendly sweets that are delicious, truly low carb and have accurate nutritional information.

We know that living the Keto lifestyle means largely limiting your sweets.  That’s why, when you do indulge, you want to make sure it’s good.  At 3 Sweet Girls Cakery, we believe that life is too short to eat bad desserts.  That’s why we make sure everything we make from the most decadent cake to the lightest Keto muffin is the very best it can be.

We want to hear from you!

We LOVE feedback and want to hear what you think of our keto bakery items. Please share with us what you would like to see more.  We are here to serve our customers and try our best to meet everyone’s needs.

The need for Keto friendly dessert options is BIG and we are here for you!! Stop in and chat with us anytime. We want to hear your story!

You can email us or give us a call at 513-984-1100!

Coffee & Cupcakes – The Perfect Pairing!

Coffee & Cupcakes – The Perfect Pairing!

Coffee & Cupcakes – The Perfect Pairing!

Have you ever had a really great cupcake and thought, “I need a cup of really tasty coffee to go with this,” we have too – for about a decade now.  The good news is that we’ve finally solved our coffee problem and yours too.

You can now enjoy delicious coffee at our Kenwood store –Carabello Coffee to be exact.  Source responsibly from growers around the world and roasted locally here in Greater Cincinnati, Carabello Coffee is our choice for the perfect cupcake pairing.

It’s also a great way to wake up, chill out, or just chase away the autumn cold.

Gimme the details…

So now, whether you are stopping in to treat yourself or just passing by on your way to work, there’ll be a cup of coffee waiting for you! You can have it brewed hot or cold and you can even add flavored syrup if you like. 

We know you’ll love this awesome cup of comfort as much as we do!

Coffee On-the-Go

Need coffee for a group at an office meeting, bridal or baby shower brunch, or holiday family gathering? 

We’ve got you covered with a to-go box of hot coffee.  One to-go box serves serve 12. We’ll even include creamer, cups, stirrers and sweetener.  It’s everything you need to be the office hero or throw the party everyone will keep talking about.

If you’re in a hurry, call ahead to place your coffee order.  We’ll have it ready for you to pick up along with your baked goods.

Still have questions?

If you still want more information, fee free to Contact Us!

You can also give us a call at 513-984-1100 and we’re always happy to chat. Cheers!

Free Cake Friday

Free Cake Friday

Free Cake Friday

Free Stuff Friday is turning into Free Cake Friday! Here’s all the info you need to enter and (hopefully) win a CAKE!


Gimme the details!

Beginning next week, we will be giving away a cake each Friday through the end of 2019!

Every week we will have a fun, new design ready for you. 

Each Wednesday, we will announce the design on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and let you know where to enter to win that week’s cake.

We will announce the winner on Friday and the cake will be ready to pickup Friday or Saturday.

Why the change?

We’ve been having a ton fun with new designs for our in-store cakes and we are excited to share these new ideas with you! 

You can always call or stop in to see the current selection and you can still just walk in to buy cakes as well. !

Checkout our website for more details about what we offer.

How Can I make sure I don’t miss the giveaway?!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so that you can’t miss the announcements! 


5 Awesome Holiday Desserts

5 Awesome Holiday Desserts

5 Reasons to Love Cupcakes

When we started in the cupcake business, they were an up and coming new “trend.” We had customers ask if we thought the trend would end soon, and here we are over 8 years later, still making tons of cupcakes. 

Why are cupcakes still so loved you ask?! Here’s what I think…

 1. Endless Flavor Options

Cupcakes are incredibly versatile and offer nearly endless options. Did you know that we offer over 100 flavors of cupcakes?! Each day, we have a selection of 8 cupcake flavors in store and you can always order the other flavors in advance.

One of my favorite things about cupcakes is creating new flavors. Inspiration can be found in other desserts, candies, ice creams, and all kinds of other foods.

From Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and Peanut Butter Mudslide to Golden Oreo Sundae and Triple Berry Shortbread, we are always coming up with new creations.

With so many flavor possibilities, there’s sure to be an option you’ll love!

2. Perfect for Any Occasion 

Cupcakes can be dressed up or dressed down for any event or occasion.

We create everything from wedding cupcake displays sprinkled with classy pearls and metallics to corporate event cupcakes topped with company logo toppers, and everything in between. 

Other events include holidays, rehearsal dinners, graduation, baby showers, wedding showers, baptisms, and of course, birthdays! 

Cupcakes are convenient for groups of all ages because they are individually portioned, easy to customize and can be casually enjoyed in any setting. 

3. Convenience

Cupcakes are available every day! You can conveniently order them on shorter notice than our other items. We bake our cupcakes fresh each morning and can sometimes prepare simple orders in just a few days.

In addition to choosing from our daily in-store selection, we also bring the cupcakes right to you with local delivery. 

Delivery offers the perfect opportunity to send cupcakes as client gifts, birthday treats to kids away at college or any other special occasion.

If you need a specific flavor or design, you can also place a special order through our Order Inquiry Form, over the phone or in store. Talk about convenience!

4. Gifts & Favors  

Cupcakes make excellent gifts for the people who take care of you and those you love.  Try giving them to teachers, doctors and nurses, family members and friends, employees and co-workers.  Trust me, the smiles are worth it.

We deliver cupcakes to homes, hotels, businesses, schools and hospitals as thank you or welcome gifts.

So, whether you custom design cupcakes or choose to box up a selection of our delicious daily menu flavors, they’re a great way to make someone’s day!

You can also use individually packaged cupcakes as party favors!  Talk about a sweet takeaway gift for a wedding, business conference, or birthday party!

Need gluten free cupcakes?  No problem we make those too in many of our flavors. This makes it easy to accommodate those with allergies!

5. DIY Cupcake Sundae Bar

Want to decorate cupcakes without the hassle of mixing up ingredients?  Cupcake Sundae Bars are perfect for a DIY birthday party activity, corporate event activity, or just a fun way to spend the afternoon with friends. 

We’ll provide freshly baked cupcakes, piping bags of icing and sprinkles.  All you have to do is decorate!

We offer in-store party options for guests to decorate their own cupcakes, or you can pickup a Sundae Bar to go.  Save a lot of time and mess by having all the preparation done for you.

Another option is on site cupcake decorating with corporate offices.  In the past, we’ve setup a decorating area so that each employee gets one cupcake to keep and one to donate to an awesome organization, like Ronald McDonald house. It’s a great way to enhance your company culture and help the community at the same time.

Have questions about cupcakes?!

Want to learn even more about cupcake options?! Checkout `the cupcake page on our website for more information and galleries of options!

You can also get in touch with us by giving us a call at 513-984-1100, stopping into one of our retail locations, or filling out our Order Inquiry Form.

Flying Pig Marathon

Flying Pig Marathon

Flying Pig Marathon

The Flying Pig Marathon is one of our favorite events of the year!  That’s why 3 Sweet Girls Cakery is the official bakery sponsor of the Flying Pig!  As the bakery sponsor, we get to be a part of the festivities, see the event from behind the scenes, and share our Flying Pig treats all weekend long. 

In this article, we’re going to share a little bit about the Flying Pig Marathon and then give you a peek at the process of making our trademarked Flying Pig Cake Pops.

What is the Flying Pig Marathon?!

The Flying Pig is more than just a marathon. It includes challenging half-marathon, 10k and 5k courses through the streets of Cincinnati as well!

The weekend kicks off with the P&G Heath and Fitness Expo at Duke Energy Convention Center on Friday May 3 and Saturday May 4th.  That’s where runners pickup their race packets and pound a few Flying Pig cake pops, cookies, brownies and other treats for before the race (carb loading, anyone?)!

Race participants come from all over the world to be a part of the Flying Pig! We love having the opportunity to meet them and feel the race excitement at the Expo.

Sunday, we run!  And eat.  And party.  In fact, there’s so much happening on race day, that we couldn’t begin to list it all here.  That’s why you should visit the official Flying Pig Website where you can even download the official Flying Pig Event App.

How do you make Flying Pig Cake Pops?

This is the question people ask the most, so here you go.

To make Flying Pig cake pops, start with freshly baked vanilla cake and buttercream. Crumble the cake and mix it with the buttercream until it reaches the perfect consistency.  Then, roll them into the “pig” shape (sort of like a stubby little sausage).

Next, add candy “legs” and “ears” to the cake bodies.  Once they are assembled, add a stick for holding and dip them into pink chocolate.

After the chocolate has time to set, you can add the details!  Fondant wings, and hand piped noses, eyes, and of course a curly tail.

We work in an assembly line when Flying Pig season rolls around so that we can make the pops as efficiently as possible. There are lots of details involved and we make thousands for race weekend!

We love that they are all hand crafted and no two pigs are exactly alike!

So, where can you get Flying Pig treats?!

The best place to get these little beauties is the Expo along with lots of other Flying pig themed goodies.

If you won’t be attending the Expo but still want Flying Pig treats, you can always special order some or stop into one of our two retail locations between now and race day!

Use our Order Inquiry Form to get the ball rolling on your special order.  Once you have submitted the form, please give us a call to follow up at 513-984-1100.

You can also give us a call first, or email us and we are always happy to chat!

We look forward to the Flying Pig Marathon all year and we’re honored to be the Official Bakery Sponsor.  See you at the race!


Cocoa Bombs

Calling All 2019 Grads

Calling all 2019 Grads

Calling all 2019 graduates! Now is the time to place orders for your graduation party dessert display!

Here’s everything you need to know about graduation dessert table options, how to order, and when to get your order in!

Graduation Dessert Tables

Graduation dessert tables are definitely our most popular option for graduation parties. Not only are they perfect for the more casual setting of an “open house,” but they also allow for the most customization and ability to incorporate the graduate’s personality.

One of our favorite aspects of a dessert table is the opportunity to have a variety of bite size treats. This means there’s an option everyone likes and you don’t necessarily have to offer a large dessert item per person, which makes it more budget-friendly as well.

We typically recommend about two bite size items or one larger item per guest. Larger items would be a full size cake pop, slice of cake, cookie or cupcake. Smaller items would be half size cake pops, mini cupcakes, brownie bites, and bite size cookies, as well as chocolate dipped pretzels and Oreos. It’s always up to you to choose what you think is best for your guests!


What are some dessert table options?!


We offer regular size and mini cupcakes in over 100 flavors. They can be customized with sprinkles to coordinate with school colors, be topped with a logo topper, or simply have toppings specific to the delicious flavors you choose.

Cake pops

Cake pops are the highlight of any dessert table. They come in any of our menu flavors and have so much decorating potential. We can dip them in school colors, sprinkle the with accent colors, or even add a grad cap to the top.

Arrangements of cake pops are a way to add height to a dessert table display! We can also make them with a flat bottom to easily set on platters.


We offer cookies in a variety of sizes, from bite size thumbprint cookies to full size logo cookies. Cookies offer customization, as we can mix up icing in any color palette, add specialized writing, and offer tons of shapes for you to choose from!

Choosing a selection of various sizes that are then displayed together creates a presentation that will surely impress your guests!

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and Oreos

Chocolate dipped pretzels (the perfect sweet and salty treat!) and Oreos can also coordinate with your dessert table theme. They add a little more variety to the table and always seem disappear quickly with any crowd.

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownie Bites

We offer homemade chocolate chip cookies and bite size brownie bites. Chocolate chip cookies are a personal favorite, and who can resist a brownie in flavors like red velvet Oreo truffle brownie, peanut butter buckeye and classic chocolate iced fudge?!

Can’t Forget the Cake!

And you can’t forget the cake options! Cakes are an ever popular dessert table original. From a small cutting cake primarily for presentation, to a multiple tiered cake to serve 100, graduation cakes can be designed to spotlight the graduates special interests, degree or school! 

They come in any of our over 100 flavors and each tier can be a flavor of its own. We’ve created graduation cakes for graduates from cosmetology school, the police academy, veterinary school, nursing school and, of course, high schools and colleges.

We can match party decorations with colors from any schools including University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati State, University of Dayton, and Xavier. Not to mention highs schools such as Anderson, Mariemont, Mason and others!

We would love to talk to you more about design options for your special graduate this year!

So, when and how to I order?!

Graduation season hits right in our busiest time of year, when spring weddings are also at their peak. This means that we encourage you to place graduation orders as soon as possible!

We don’t have a specific order cutoff dates, but all orders are first come first served. We consider orders placed when they have been finalized and paid for in full either over the phone or in person. 

To begin the ordering process, you can fill out our Order Inquiry Form on our website. This will send us all of the information we need to begin talking with you about pricing and design suggestions. Once you have submitted the form, please give us a call to follow up at 513-984-1100. 

You can also give us a call first, or email us at 3sweetgirlscakery@gmail.com and we are always happy to chat!