5 Reasons You’ll Love our Store Cakes

Store Cakes | 3 Sweet girls Cakery

Store cakes are our weekly cakes that are pre-made, already decorated & ready to-go daily.
Forget a birthday?! Get invited to a last minute celebration?! Need a cake for an office party?! Just craving a slice of cake?!
We’ve got you covered. These cakes are perfect for you- here’s why…


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3 Sweet Girls Cakery Store Cake Designs
Store Cakes | 3 Sweet girls Cakery

1. They’re Ready-to-go

Store cakes are ready-to-go! While we often need at least two weeks notice (sometimes more) for custom cake orders, store cakes are ready-to-go without notice! They’re perfect for any occasion that you may have forgotten or decided to celebrate last minute.

We have store cakes every day, but do sellout at times.  We make new store cakes throughout the week, as needed. If you’ve contacted us for a custom order, but we were booked for your date, ordering a store cake is a great option for you.

2. Baker’s Choice Flavors

Store cake flavors are baker’s choice each week, which means we have a variety of flavors.

We typically start with some of our best selling classics, like vanilla, birthday cake, chocolate or red velvet. Then, we add other yummy options, for example, Oreo birthday cake, Reese’s peanut butter, chocolate raspberry & others, that vary week to week.

3. New Designs Each Week

Designs are decorator’s choice, which means our decorating team has the chance to have fun with each cake. Some will be true to flavor, others decorated seasonally & others might have buttercream flower decorations.

We try to make sure there are options that can be fitting for a variety of occasions. From birthdays to graduations & bridal showers to cooperate gatherings, we have designs for you each week.

4. Easy Online Ordering

The easiest way to reserve a store cake in advance, is to visit our online shop. We have a photo of each & every store cakes for you to see. If you click on the photo, it also tells you the size, flavor & date that the cake is best served by.

We recommend checking out the online store before the day you need the cake. You will be able to reserve the cake for pickup on the date of your choice.  We will add cakes as needed throughout the week, but we always have the most design variety on Wednesday afternoons or Thursday mornings.

Of course, you can also stop in during our open store hours to see our store cake selection in person!

5. Make It Your Own!

While the flavor & design of a store cake is already decided, you can still make it your own!

We offer birthday & graduation cake toppers that can be added on or you can have us write a message on the cake board.

We also have a festive selection of other themed toppers & candles for you to choose from. They’re all out on display in the bakery or you can also. view them in our online shop!

Cocoa Bombs | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Store Cakes | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery
Pink and Green Floral Buttercream In Store Cake | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Still have questions?

If you still want more information, fee free to Contact Us!

You can also give us a call at 513-984-1100 and we’re always happy to chat. Cheers!

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