4 Reasons to Join us for a Decorating Class

3 Sweet Girls is now offering do-it-yourself cupcake, cake and cookie decorating classes.

Here’s everything you need to know about what we offer, how to sign up & why you should try one!

1. Learn to DIY

At our decorating classes, we’ll demonstrate our processes and then guide you through self-paced hands-on learning. The group sizes allow you to ask questions and spend time practicing.

For cookie classes, we’ll teach you several piping techniques, help you learn about the best consistency & even send you home with our very own royal icing recipe. 

Cake classes are an opportunity to learn the basics from crumb coating to adding the finishing touches!

Cupcake classes detail designs for the selected theme, ranging from Grinch cupcakes for Christmas, to unicorns, to buttercream succulents. 

Not only will you learn to decorate in the class, but you’ll also leave prepared with the knowledge you need to decorate at home.

2. Invite a friend, buy a ticket & we’ll handle the details!

Once you purchase a ticket, all you have to do is show up! We’ll do the prep work, provide all of the supplies you need and clean up everything at the end. Does it get any easier than that?!

We provide non-alcoholic beverages, decorating supplies for that selected class topic and someone to teach you everything you need to know. You’re welcome to bring in snacks and BYOB if you’d like!

Whether you have a special occasion or not, a decorating class or workshop is a great excuse to get out and have fun!

Our classes don’t require any previous experience which makes them  perfect for guests of any skill and experience level. We do have some classes that are recommended for children 12 and up, and others that are ideal for children, so make sure to check out the details. 

3. New Class Options     

We have had many requests for decorating classes and are so excited to finally offer options at our Kenwood location on Montgomery Road. 

Classes so far have included:

-Unicorn, succulent, Fall, Christmas, Valentines and buttercream flower cupcakes

-Ganache drip, buttercream flower, Valentine’s & Christmas gnome cakes

-Christmas, Valentine’s day & cookies 101 classes

We love to hear feedback and suggestions for class themes that you’d love to attend!

4. You Can Book a Private Class

If you don’t see the perfect class for your group already being offered, you can book a private event! This is perfect for corporate parties, team building, showers, birthdays and ladies night out. 

We offer cupcake, cake and cookie decorating classes! You can choose the theme and colors. We’ll walk you through the process and then assist as you learn to do-it-yourself!

We provide non-alcoholic beverages, a teacher and all the supplies you need! We also offer light bite and veggie tray options that can be added on.

You’re welcome to bring in a meal, your own beverages (byob) and snacks.  

Give us a call at 513-984-1100 or fill out our website inquiry form to find out more about booking a private party!

How do I sign up?!

To find out about our current classes being offered, check out our Facebook Events page or Eventbrite page!

When we list a new class, we always post about it on social media. Be sure to follow up on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for the most up-to-date information. 

If you have any questions about classes or need assistance signing up, we’re happy to help!

Give us a call at 513-984-1100 or email us at 3sweetgirlscakery@gmail.comHope to see you at a decorating class soon!

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