Keto Sweets | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

In-Store Cakes

We have a daily selection of cakes ready to go!  Check for new options on Wednesday’s & Saturday’s, because availability will vary! When purchasing a cake, you may want to include a message for the base of the cake board at check out.
Keto Sweets | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery


We have a wide variety of cupcakes available in the store each day! You can buy them by the dozen or just one at a time. However, if you need more than two dozen, please call ahead & place your order in advance.

Keto Sweets | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery


If you love cookies like we do, you’ll love our delicious butter cookies. They are perfect for gifts, birthday treats, office goodies, wedding favors, variety in a dessert display, & just about anything else you can dream up.

Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto

Gluten Free Cookies | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Gluten Free

We offer gluten free cupcakes on Fridays & Saturdays in the store and we usually have Gluten Free brownies, Rice Krispie treats & cookies available to purchase both in the store & online.  You can always special order Cake push ups, cupcake in a jar, brownies & cakes in advance.


We offer vegan cupcakes on Fridays & Saturdays in the store and other vegan treats from time to time.  You can always special order vegan cupcakes & cakes as well.  Customers who are dairy-free or have party guests who need dairy-free items, can alsoorder vegan cakes & cupcakes.

Keto Donuts | 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Keto Sweets

Each day we have a large variety of Keto friendly, low carb treats available to purchase in our store. We have worked very hard to develop a ton of recipes that we know you’ll LOVE!  We’re always developing new Keto items, so be sure to check regularly to see what we we’ll create next.

We’re a mom + two daughters who opened this little bakery dream of ours from home in 2010 & grew into our Cincinnati, Ohio storefront in 2012.

A family & women-owned business, we put our all into what we do & are honored when you choose to let us be a part of your celebrations, big & small!

Our Location

7458 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236